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Balkans |  Supply of KC-10 tank aircraft from Greece

It was claimed that Greece would supply KC-10 tanker aircraft.

On Thursday, December 23, 2022, it was announced that a conference call will be held at the Aviation General Staff, with the participation of Omega Air CEO Thomas Swedrick and Deputy General Manager Anthony Nerad. He stated that the purpose of the conference call was to make a presentation about the capabilities of the used McDonnell Douglas C-10 oil tanker aircraft that the company offered for sale.

KC-10 tanker aircraft

The KC-10 is a tanker and cargo aircraft designed to provide global mobility for the US Armed Forces. Although the KC-10’s primary mission is mid-air refueling, it can also perform cargo aircraft missions. In this context, the aircraft can simultaneously carry support personnel and equipment on overseas deployments. The KC-10 is also capable of transporting patients using patient support platforms during aeromedical evacuations.

The KC-10 has a carrying capacity of up to 75 personnel. In addition, the aircraft can carry approximately 76,560 kg of cargo over a distance of 7,040 km without refueling. In addition to the DC-10’s three main wings, there are three large fuel tanks, one under the KC-10’s cargo floor, one under the lower forward cargo bay, one in the mid-wing area and one under the rear bulkhead. The total capacity of the tanks is more than 160,200 kg. This number is almost twice that of the KC-135.

Greece is interested in the British C-130J Hercules transport aircraft

Greece is interested in the C-130J Hercules transport aircraft, which will be removed from UK inventory. In this context, it was reported that meetings were held by telephone with the British Defense Attaché Captain Alexander Bush and the Vice President of the Defense Equipment Sales Authority (DESA) Adrian Thurgood. During the conference call, it was announced that there were discussions about the C-130J Hercules aircraft that the UK plans to remove from its inventory.

The Royal Air Force has announced that it will phase out its entire fleet of C-130J Hercules aircraft by 2023, due to changes announced in the document titled ‘Defense in the Competitive Era’ published in March 2021. Said aircraft will be replaced by transport and tanker aircraft. A400M Atlas, C-17 Globemaster, and Voyager.

The Defense Equipment Sales Authority (DESA) has placed the Royal Air Force’s C-130J Hercules on its list of defense surplus equipment for sale. In addition to the C-130J, it was announced that the Boeing E-3D Sentry AEW1 was also sold.

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