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Balkans |  Support Contract for Kosovo in North Macedonia

A solidarity action was organized in North Macedonia in support of Kosovo, which has been experiencing tensions with Serbia for some time.

As part of the action organized by the Association of Albanian Political Prisoners and Victims in North Macedonia, dozens of people gathered in front of the Serbian embassy in Skopje in support of Kosovo’s institutions and against the barricades in northern Kosovo.

The demonstrators carried banners saying “Don’t touch Mitrovita” and “Stop warmongering policies” and the flags of the European Union, NATO, Kosovo and Albania.

Spitim Polozani, one of the organizers, reminded members of the press that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was Minister of Information during the war in Kosovo (1998-2000) and emphasized that it was their national and moral responsibility to express their rebellion against “this fabrication”. situation in northern Kosovo.

“The successive statements that Serbia will protect Serbs throughout Kosovo reminds me of Milosevic’s statements,” Polozani said. Milosevic used to say, “No Kosovo Serbs will be harmed.” He said.

Comparing Vucic to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Polozani continued:

“Are we not witnessing a new, bloody, colonial war in Ukraine, where Russia wants to steal the homeland of the Ukrainians? Didn’t Putin, Vucic’s mentor, use the clergy and Ukrainian Russians as a scapegoat in the war there, blessing every military vehicle sent into battle? This ugly copy of Putin (Vucic ) follow in his footsteps. (Vucic) He is using Kosovo Serbs as a tool to stay in power.”

Polozani called on NATO’s Kosovo Peacekeeping Force (KFOR) and the European Union’s Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) to work in cooperation with the Kosovo authorities to preserve sovereignty and freedom of movement.

The demonstrators emphasized that they were not protesting against the Serbian nation, but against the rulers of the state of Serbia. Then the job is done.


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