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Balkans |  Support for the disabled in Albania from Türkiye

Under the auspices of the Turkish Embassy in Tirana, wheelchairs and other aids have been donated to disabled Albanian citizens.

The ceremony for the distribution of wheelchairs, crutches and other aids for the disabled was held at the Ali Lajij Elementary School in Shkodër Governorate, in the north of the country.

Speaking here, Turkish Ambassador to Tirana Pilot Kacan Atay stated that the event was organized with the support of Shkodra Municipality, the source of the NGO Igel based in Basel, Switzerland, and the Future Alternative Foundation (ALSAR) in Albania.

“Our help and support will continue from brotherly Turkey to brotherly Albania,” said Atay, who expressed his hope that wheelchairs and other vehicles would make life easier for his disabled brothers. He said.

Shkodra Deputy Mayor Rudin Bica also wished that such initiatives would take place in the future, and said, “I would like to thank the Turkish ambassador for his support for the disabled. I think you will receive more attention from the municipality in the coming period.” He said.

Reminding that the project was done under the auspices of the Turkish Ambassador and the Turkish Embassy in Switzerland, ALSAR President Mehdi Karadeh said, “I hope these tools will make your life a little easier.” Use the phrase.

50 wheelchairs, 50 crutches and 50 walkers were donated to the disabled citizens of the Shkoder branch of the Disabled and Quadriplegic Association within the scope of the “Solidarity and Assistance for the Disabled” project.


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