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Balkans |  Support of Turkish soldiers to Kosovo in the field of education

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories established at Atatürk High School in Mamusa, the only Turkish municipality in Kosovo, have been put into service by the Presidency of the Turkish Representation Committee operating within the Kosovo Peace Force (KFOR).

The ceremony, which was held at Atatürk High School, was attended by Turkish Ambassador to Pristina Çağrı Sakar, Minister of Regional Development of Kosovo and Chairman of Turkey’s Kosovo Democratic Party (KDTP) Vikrim Damca, Chairman of the Turkish Representation Committee Colonel Recay Yılmaz, Mamusa Mayor Abdulhadi Krasnik and other officials.

In his statement at the ceremony, Ambassador Sakar emphasized that the historical ties with the friendly and brotherly people of Kosovo were strengthened by the projects implemented by the heroic Turkish soldiers in schools in different regions of Kosovo.

Pointing out that the friendship between Turkey and Kosovo became stronger with the projects implemented by Mehmet, Sakar said, “Our youth in Mamusa, like the youth of the Turkish community in other cities of Kosovo, are talented and equipped to contribute to their country Kosovo, and the relations between Kosovo and Turkey in the future. It is our desire and our goal It is essential for all of us to become educated people. We all have a huge responsibility to make this happen.” He used his statements.

Colonel Yilmaz also stated that as the Turkish Representative Committee, they focused on projects in the field of education and said: “The words of the great leader Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk “Education is what makes a nation live as a free, independent, glorious and high society or leaves it in captivity and misery.” We are pleased to lay a brick in the education that will build our future within this framework.” He said.

The ceremony ended with a group photo session.

Within the scope of the project, two classrooms were renovated and equipped with tools and materials suitable for experimental studies.


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