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Balkans |  “Sustainable tourism can turn Bulgaria into a year-round destination”

Speaking at the opening of the discussion meeting on “Sustainable Tourism in Practice” organized by the Ministry of Tourism within the scope of the 39th International HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO held in Sofia, Bulgarian Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov said, “Sustainable tourism is not only a current definition or concept, But it is also a current concept. It is one that its application in all its economic, social and environmental aspects, especially in this period, is of vital importance for the successful development and competitiveness of the sector. Sustainable tourism can turn Bulgaria into a year-round destination.”

The minister described the outbreak of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine at close range as a serious blow to the tourism sector in Bulgaria. “The events taking place in the world and Europe in recent years have presented tourism with new challenges that we need to overcome and emerge from the crisis stronger, more competitive and more sustainable,” said Dimitrov. According to the Minister’s statement, the weight of time and challenges requires us to be more adaptable and innovative, and to work faster, more focused and more efficiently.

“Therefore, the full implementation of the concept of sustainability should be the goal of the daily work of the enterprises at the national and regional levels, and of each tourism enterprise along the entire service chain,” Dimitrov added.

Rosica Karamfilova, Minister of Environment and Water, who attended the event, commented on sustainable practices for nature protection and tourism development.

Addressing the representatives of the tourism sector, the minister stressed that “you represent one of the main sectors and the prestige you have created is the most conscious sector in terms of the environment and sustainable development.” Karmfilova pointed out that the tourism sector may be the only sector that does not accept environmental requirements as an obstacle and fulfills them, believing that this is the way to do sustainable business in the field of tourism.

During the discussion, it was understood that natural capital is the basis for developing sustainable models in tourism, that the tourism sector should be diversified, and dependence on resources should be reduced, and that there are good practices for implementing the circular economy implemented by the tourism industry.

Minister Karamfilova mentioned that at the Climate Change Conference held in Egypt, Bulgaria submitted its candidacy to host the 29th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), which will be held in November 2024.

Minister Dimitrov noted that hosting a potential COP29 conference is a challenge, but it will put Bulgaria on the map as thousands of delegates from all over the world will come to our country. The two ministers noted that if SOR29 is hosted by Bulgaria, the tourism sector will be the main partner and beneficiary.

The event, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, was moderated by Deputy Ministers Irina Georgieva and Professor D. doctor. Created by Mariella Modiva. During the forum, experts from international and foreign organizations, national institutions, NGOs and the private sector presented good practices from Bulgaria and the world.

Among the participants are Francisek Mateo, General Director of the Tourism Strategy Agency of the Autonomous Region of the Balearic Islands, Vice President of the Bulgarian Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Dr. Daniela Stoeva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Blue Flag Movement Stanimir Georgiev, President of the Bulgarian Alternative Tourism Association Eleonora Yosefova, Executive Director of the Bulgarian-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry Georgi Stoev and guests.

The topic of sustainable tourism sparked intense discussion and generated many comments about good practices, innovative approaches, and the desire to preserve the richness of Bulgaria as a destination.

source: CardZhalNews

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