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Balkans |  Symposium entitled “Türkiye’s Victory for Democracy on July 15” in Serbia

The Turkish Presidency of the Communications Directorate held a symposium entitled “July 15, Turkey’s Victory for Democracy” in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

In the panel where Communications Director Fahrettin Altun sent a video message, Assoc. doctor. Moderated by Hussain Alptekin, Dr. from the Police Academy. Murat Tina and Berko Matović spoke from the Center for National Policy and Advisor to Serbian Defense Minister Predrag Rajic.

Speaking at the opening of the session, Hami Aksoy, Ambassador of Turkey in Belgrade, recalled the 7 years since the bloody coup attempt organized by the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) and said, “The goal of those who attempted the coup was to bring in a radical conservative regime. Gulen wanted the terrorist Control of key points such as the Bosphorus Bridge. He said.

Aksoy stated that thousands of people took to the streets on the night of July 15 to protect their homeland, and stated that 251 innocent civilians were martyred.

Tina also shared the reports prepared by the Police Academy, in which he described how the FETO has developed and grown over the years and infiltrated institutions.

Stating that the coup attempt failed as a result of the national defense, Tenas said, “Unfortunately, the FETÖ terrorist organization continues to carry out its activities. We must understand well what this terrorist organization wants to do. In this context, we are organizing workshops and conferences in the name of the Police Academy.” He said.

Tina stressed that the FETÖ terrorist organization poses an international threat and warned listeners that the leader of the FETÖ group, the fugitive Fethullah Gülen, is seen as a “sacred figure”.

Erdogan is a strong leader who defends his country.

Expressing his vision of what the FETÖ terrorists have done in Turkey, Matovic emphasized that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was one of the first leaders to contact President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the night of the coup attempt and convey their support to him.

Noting that Serbia is one of the countries that understands Turkey, Matovic said, “Erdogan is a strong leader who defends his country against the coup attempt. Türkiye is not a regional power, it is a global power,” he said.

On the other hand, Rajic noted that what happened in Turkey is important for the entire democratic world, and said: “Experiences like this are very important for all of us. Serbia showed its stance against violent and undemocratic actions that night.” He said.

Meanwhile, within the scope of the painting, an exhibition consisting of Anadolu Agency photographs and describing July 15 was opened.


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