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Balkans |  Tachi: I expect to be acquitted of all charges

Former KLA leader and ex-president of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, denied all the accusations against him in a statement he made under oath at the hearing at the Special Tribunal for Kosovo War Crimes in The Hague.

Thaci said he regrets all the victims of the war, regardless of their nationality, religion or political affiliation.

In his speech, Thaci said that while innocent people are being persecuted, the victims cannot have justice, and that injustice cannot be eliminated by committing another injustice.

Tahji said: “Our road to freedom was long and difficult. I was a student in Switzerland when the Yashari family was murdered in 1998. Like many Albanians, I returned to help my country. Anyone in our place would do the same. UCK is made up of ordinary people trying to protect their homes and families. They fought and died like heroes.This was the price of freedom.Thousands of families lost loved ones in hundreds of massacres organized by Serb forces.It is a pity that names like Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrooke, former President Ibrahim Rugova, Fahmi Agani and Adam Demachi will not be able to testify in the judicial process.We have paid A heavy price for freedom. Serb paramilitaries killed thousands of people. Our only struggle was against them. Kosovo was on the right side. I am glad that the people of Kosovo live in freedom today. “Just as Dick Marty’s report turned out to be untrue, I expect to be acquitted of the crimes for which I have been prosecuted.” .

source: Kosovaport

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