Balkans | Taha Akgül will be on the field in Croatia in the 10th European Championship

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Balkans |  Taha Akgül will be on the field in Croatia in the 10th European Championship

Turkish wrestler Taha Akgül stated that he aims to become European Champion for the tenth time and said, “This time a European Championship will be very useful for me. It is really difficult to reach double figures in freestyle wrestling.” He said.

The national freestyle team, which will be on the field for the first time in the European Wrestling Championships, which will be held on April 17 and 23 in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has completed its preparations.

National wrestler Taha Akgül made a statement to the press at the El Madag Camp Training Center, confirming that he had a good preparation process and saying, “We are ready as a team. There is no excuse for that anymore. When we get there, we will do our best for the sake of our country.” He said.

Taha said: I have 9 European championships. For me, this time will be a really meaningful European Championship. It’s really hard to get double figures in freestyle wrestling. Of course, all my heroics are of particular value to me. But if I win gold this time, it will be my tenth European title.” Use phrases.

“There is a lot of competition in freestyle wrestling in the world.” Taha said: “Russia, the region of Dagestan is the center of freestyle wrestling in the world. In our weight category, not only one athlete comes from Russia. Transfers have increased especially during the Olympics. We are currently fighting with 10-12 Russian athletes from Dagestan. Work in it a lot “The competition, but that doesn’t matter. We have always been champions by beating the best opponents. We want to win the championship with the prayers of our nation and hopefully give them a double holiday. We need morale as a country after the turbulent operations.” He rated it.

Pointing out that he was European and world champion last year, Taha said:

“I was named the best wrestler of the year in freestyle wrestling. I started this year by winning the gold medal in the ranking tournament in Egypt. “Taha is back in his old form” in my opponents. He will be hesitant. We are target athletes. No one wants to wrestle with us, but when We draw, they come into the game with extra motivation. We are the favourites, they don’t lose much when they lose against us. “I lost to the world champion last year.” They say. But when we lose, we lose a lot. So, our burden is heavy, but we have the experience to overcome it. After For the referee to blow his whistle, there is no excitement or tension. It’s all up to your will and effort. We have that effort and desire. When we go out, we take away the warrior’s spirit.”

Coach Tubaktas: “We have a team to be proud of”

Metin Tobaktas, the coach of the national freestyle wrestling team, stated that they have completed the preparations and will head to the tournament tomorrow night, “Of course we have goals and dreams. We tried to do everything we could in training to achieve that.” He said.

Emphasizing that they have a good staff, Tobaktas said:

“There are 7 athletes in our team who won medals in the European and World Championships in the senior category. As the Turkish nation and wrestling family, we have a team that we are proud of. We are proud of all of them, especially our champions such as Taha Akgül, Soner Demirtas and Süleyman Atli. Our goal is to be in the top three As a team. Of course, we will fight to be at the top of journalism. We have continued our work in this direction. We are not lacking, we are ready. “

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