Balkans | The 16th Multicultural City of Karjali initiative opened with the photography exhibition “Rhodobe Eyes”

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Balkans |  The 16th Multicultural City of Karjali initiative opened with the photography exhibition “Rhodobe Eyes”

On Tuesday, May 9, the 16th Multicultural City Initiative at Kirkcal Craig Art Gallery opened with a photography exhibition entitled “Eyes of the Rhodope” by photographers Mehmet Ragab and Georgi Argyrov, part of the Bulgarian National Broadcasting (BNR). Karjali team.

The cultural event was jointly organized by BNR Kırcaali Radio and Kırcaali Krig Art Movement to celebrate the seventh anniversary of BNR’s newest regional radio station. Among the attendees is the Mayor of Karjali, Dr. M. It was attended by Hasan Aziz, General Manager of the National Bank of Bahrain, Melin Mitev, directors of BNR branches and directors of other regional radio stations in the country, loyal radio listeners, and journalists who cooperate with them.

Radost Nikolaeva, President of the KRIG Art Movement, who gave the opening speech of the photography exhibition, emphasized that the event was held on the occasion of May 9 in Europe, the seventh anniversary of the founding of the Multicultural City Initiative and BNR Kardzhali Radio.

In his welcome address to the participants, BNR General Manager Milen Mitev stressed that Radio Karjali has a duty to serve listeners in a beautiful, interesting and complex region of Bulgaria. “If it is true that many things in life depend on the first seven years, then I believe that my colleagues from Radio Karjali laid the foundations for a long and fulfilling life in the future in these seven years,” Mitev said. According to the statement of the director of the BNR, the regional press is the closest to people’s lives, because it shows the problems that concern each of us, because what is happening in Bulgaria is happening not only in the center of Sofia, on the Yellow Stones, but also in many other places.

The Mayor who gave a welcome speech to the participants and from there to all the people of Cargley d. M. During the celebration of May 9 Anti-Fascist and Europe Day, Hasan Aziz congratulated the radio team on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of Radio Karjali. “The BNR is part of our national institutions and certainly carries out its public duties as expected of it. The results of the survey show that the BNR enjoys the highest level of public trust.”

doctor. M. “Kirkkale Municipality, along with all other representatives of the local government in the area, remain loyal and permanent partners of Radio Kirkley,” Aziz emphasized. Congratulating the photographers on the exhibition, the mayor said, “Thank you for your photos that reflect your views on Karjali and the region that combines beauty, many lives, and of course a lot of tolerance.”

The photography exhibition entitled “Eyes of the Rhodope” consists of 60 photographs reflected by Georgy Argyrov and Mohamed Ragab. They both work as audio directors at BNR Radio Kardzhali, but they are also proven professionals in many fields. Mohamed Ragab, who has 23 years of experience as a photojournalist for Nov Jivot (Yeni Hayat) newspaper published in Kardzhali, worked as a cameraman for Kanal 1 and Nova TV. Georgy Argyrov is a great personality in art, advertising, digital photography, web and graphics designer, audio and video advertiser, DJ. His webpage, ArgoStars, has 68k followers.


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