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Balkans |  The 2022 Kosovar Artists, Culture, Sports and Youth Awards have found their owners

Within the framework of the 2022 Sports, Youth and Artistic Culture Awards Ceremony organized by the Directorate of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Municipality of Prizren, prizes were awarded to writers and poets in the field of literature as a result of the evaluations of the selection committee.

Co-chair of the Turkish Writers Association of Kosovo and Kosovo Institutes teacher Yunus Emre, poet and author, and archaeologist Dr. Taner Gutklutürk was awarded the 2022 Literary Award as Artist of the Year, considering the literary activities he has done so far in the field of contemporary Turkish literature, and the publications and works he has published. As Artist of the Year, Salajdin Krasniqi, the leading figure in contemporary Albanian literature in Prizren, is awarded Literature of the Year 2022.

Tansu Kirvan, director/actress of theatrical organizations such as Art Theatre, Short Circuit and Aziz Bus Theatre, received the Performing Arts Award and Male Actor of the Year 2022. The famous cartoonist and illustrator Jani Sunduri also received the Artist of the Year award for his valuable efforts in the field of caricature. Famous director Samir Garhouda was also chosen as Artist of the Year due to his international success. The Dokufest Film and Documentary Festival, which contributes to the international recognition of Prizren, has also been awarded the most valuable art event of the year.

In his speech, Mayor of Prizren Jasir Tutaj said: “The values ​​that best promote the city internationally are athletes, artists, veterans in the field of culture, sports, arts and cultural organizations, not politics. As a result of the proposals received and the evaluations of the Election Commission, I congratulate the artists of 2022 who deserved awards Culture, sports, youth, veteran and successful organizations in these fields, and I thank you all. “You deserve better,” he said. Mayor Tutaj, along with the cultural director and mayor of the city, presented the awards to the winners and posed for a memorial photo with the award winners.

At night, the municipality of Prizren awarded the Turkish Culture and Art Association “The Right Way” and the leading Bosnian association “Sarski Behar” as the most active association of the year, contributing the “2022 Best Associations Preserving Our Traditions” Culture Art Awards.

The award ceremony ended with an invitation to a magnificent award ceremony held in the Presidential Building of the Prizren Municipality, and cocktails were given afterwards.

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