Balkans | The 270th issue of “Turkiti” magazine, published in Kosovo, has been published.

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Balkans |  The 270th issue of “Turkiti” magazine, published in Kosovo, has been published.

My Turkish magazine plays an important role in keeping the Turkish language alive in Kosovo and passing it on to future generations. My Turkish magazine has reached its 270th issue.

We share with you the article by Zeynel Beksaç, Editor-in-Chief of Turkish, on Issue 269:

“Türkçem Rumeli’s journey continues… 270. We have reached the number!

We would like to thank you poet-writer, friends and all readers for keeping this honor alive…

A month and a half before the latest Kosovo war broke out, Turkum magazine welcomed its readers to its first issue.

Years have passed and we are still very happy dating.

Our goal now is the 300th edition. God willing, we will see those days together, God willing…

Dear readers, we have taken care to be worthy of you in this issue.

On the third page there is the news of the film “Hidden Objects Bosnia”, which received the big screen in Kosovo. Written by Sonay Bus.

Adding special value to our magazine’s content from time to time with his works, Bahtiar Aslan, this time, says hello to the readers with his story titled “I Have My Pictures”.

Yagmur Tunali is the guest of this issue of our magazine with his article “Longing for Emin Echinsu”.

Rabih Rashid is one of the young talents who have been mentioned frequently in the Balkan literature in recent years. This time, he took his place on the pages of My Turkish with his article “Why Writer Insan”.

doctor. Mehmet Yardimchi is one of the most rated authors in our magazine. In this issue, he comes before readers with three essays and two poems. “Happy May 13th Turkish Language”, “Meaning and Significance of May 19th”, Hydrilles Rituals “…

Our friend Erkan Kasab says in his article in this issue: “We are in trouble again…”.

In her article, Şükriye Zekeriya Okcan spoke about the dean of Turkish television, sculptor, teacher and writer Sedat Ursel. We hope you enjoy reading it.

In addition, there are poems, news, etc. that you will read with interest. You can see the articles in this issue of the Turkish magazine.

The picture on the cover was drawn by the illustrator Gültkin Özgur, and the poem on the back cover was written by Mavisel Yener.

Until we meet in a new issue, goodbye, stay safe, stay friends… The 269th issue of “My Turkish” magazine published in Kosovo has ended.

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