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Balkans |  The Albanian search and rescue team was surprised by the earthquake damage

The team sent by the Albanian Ministry of Defense to assist in search and rescue operations after the earthquake in Turkey continues its work in Malatya.

Search and rescue efforts of AFAD, UMKE, 112th Emergency Health Fire Brigade, Police and Gendarmerie continue in the buildings destroyed in the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude Kahramanmaraş earthquake affecting 10 provinces.

The search and rescue team of the Albanian Ministry of Defense, which came to the city on the second day of the earthquake and started its work, is accompanied by AFAD, UMKE, fire brigade, 112 emergency health teams, police and gendarmerie in the rubble. in the city center.

Of the 63 individuals who came to Turkey from Albania and participated in search and rescue efforts, 20 are working in the earthquake zones of Malatya.

Team Leader Major Endret Senju said that although they had worked in different countries, it was the first time they had witnessed the consequences of such a large earthquake.

Pointing out that the collapsed building on Tevfik Temelli Street is one of the buildings that show the scale of the earthquake, Cengu said, “The building structure we are working on now is one of the most difficult structures because the building has fallen. In buildings, the floors collapse and overlap each other. This debris It’s very difficult to get into and work with.” He said.

– “Turkey is a big brother to us”

Cengu stated that their goal is to reach a large number of people and continued as follows:

Countries in the same region, such as Albania and Turkey, are in the earthquake zone. No one can be prepared and wait for such an earthquake. It is a great pain and we do not want to see any country in such a situation, especially Turkey. Turkey is like a big brother to us, we are also little brothers. Our hope is beginning to fade, but we will not give up until the last stone has been lifted. We are here until the last minute, day and night. Hope we don’t experience it again. Wishes for a speedy recovery to Turkey.

– “Part of our soul is disappearing”

Sarah Hadiry, who led the team, indicated that the team includes professional seismic experts, doctors, and search and rescue workers.

Noting that he is Albanian too, Hadiri said, “We lost part of our lives because of the earthquake. It also feels complete here because what happened to these people may happen to us tomorrow. I am very happy and I feel happy because I can be here. We need to be there from For the sake of our people in both good and bad times. Turkey should be unity, it should be the whole people. We can see this every day. People are trying to help.” He said.


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