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Balkans |  The Ankara office of the Bulgarian News Agency opened

The official opening of the Ankara office of the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) took place with the participation of Bulgarian Vice President Ileana Yotova, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Anadolu Agency (AA) and General Manager Serdar Karagoz.

Bulgarian Vice-President Yotova, General Director of the Association Kirill Valchev, Bulgarian Ambassador to Ankara Angel Cholakov, Chairman of the Board and General Manager Karagoz, Deputy General Director and Editor-in-Chief Yusuf Ozan attended the opening ceremony of the office on Atatürk Street.

In her speech here, Bulgarian Vice President Utova said that words like freedom, reality, connectedness and memory are strong terms that describe the Bulgarian News Agency, and that the agency has been working on these words for 125 years.

Yotova stated that the BTA office opened in Ankara is the fourth office opened in Bulgaria’s neighboring countries.

Pointing out that the BTA has been reflecting color photography of Bulgaria for the past 125 years, Yotova emphasized that the agency protects and strengthens relations between countries and peoples.

Referring to relations between Bulgaria and Turkey, Yotova reminded that President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev visited Istanbul in December of last year and met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and confirmed that there has been a major breakthrough in relations between the two countries recently. years.

Yotova said that 3 weeks after the Erdogan-Radev meeting, a natural gas agreement was signed between BOTAŞ and Bulgar Gas, and that there are very important projects they want to achieve with Turkey in the field of energy from now on.

“There are many Turkish businessmen who want to invest in Bulgaria”

Yotova said, “There are many offers from Turkey in the field of tourism and health. There are many Turkish businessmen who want to invest in Bulgaria in this regard. Therefore, the two countries still have a lot of work to do.” He assessed it.

Utova stressed that the words of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk are very recent today, pointing out the importance of mutual friendship for the stability of the region.

“With The Office here, there will always be a quest for real news, real commentary,” Yotova said. He said.

Noting that they are strong as individuals but much stronger when they work collectively, Yotova said, “Why are we doing this? Use the phrase.

“The office’s opening history is full of symbols.”

The Bulgarian Ambassador to Ankara Cholakov also expressed his great pleasure and said that the history of the opening of the office is full of symbols.

Stating that they want the BTA office in Ankara to turn into a point where Bulgaria is very well promoted, especially in the fields of tourism, investments and culture, Cholakov first of all wished the office to be a place where meetings and friendships take place.

Apart from being a “press club”, Chulakov noted, the office could also be a place for a “love boutique”.

“It’s time to bring them together a little bit.”

Karagöz, Chairman and General Manager of AA, also described BTA’s opening of an office in Ankara as pleasant. Noting that the two countries are not only geographically close, but also very close culturally and socially and have very strong historical ties, Karagöz said it was time to bring the two communities a little closer to each other.

“Thanks to the BTA office that opened here today, Turkey and Bulgaria are also closer to each other politically.” On this occasion, Karagöz said, the communities of the two countries had the opportunity to get to know each other better and learn about the events through the most accurate channel.

Karagöz said that he believes that the cooperation between the two countries will yield very good results.

“Bulgarian News Agency expands its presence in Turkey with the National Press Club”

General Director of BTA Valchev said, “Today, the Bulgarian News Agency is not only returning to Ankara, but is expanding its presence in Turkey with the National Press Club. Thus, the Bulgarian News Agency plans and plans to open these press clubs in all neighboring countries and countries with large Bulgarian diaspora “. He said.

After the opening speeches, the Bulgarian-born jazz artist Yildiz Ibrahimova gave a concert.


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