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Balkans |  The areas of cooperation between Türkiye and Greece are expanding with a positive agenda

Frangoiannis, Greece’s deputy foreign minister for economic diplomacy, stated that the “positive agenda” between her and Turkey is a dynamic cooperation.

The “positive agenda” between them and Turkey is a dynamic cooperation, Frangoyannis, Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of Economic Diplomacy, stated that the positive results of this can also be seen in daily life.

Costas Frangoyannis, who met Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Burak Akcabar in Ankara on March 22, gave an assessment to AA reporter regarding his visit to Ankara and the recent positive agenda between the two countries.

Frangoyannis said, “It was a pleasure for me to go to Ankara a week ago and meet the new Deputy Foreign Minister Burak Aksabar, who replaced Sedat Onal, whom we met three times before. We have gone beyond the topics on the positive agenda. There is significant progress in the areas of Economy, trade, energy, tourism, transportation, transportation, culture and sports. He said.

The Greek minister received a warm welcome in Türkiye

Kostas Frangoyannis stated that he and his team had received the warm hospitality in Turkey and noted that the meetings had been fruitful.

Emphasizing that the two parties respect each other’s views, Frangoyannis said, “We insist on seeking solutions to positive agenda issues. Because we believe that in this way we promote a good atmosphere and help combat any problems that may arise.” He said.

The field of cooperation between the two countries is expanding with a dynamic positive agenda.

Stating that a series of activities are also planned on issues such as the environment, natural disasters and civil protection, Frangoiannis said, “I think the Turks and Greeks will see that this good agreement we have on simple everyday issues will also be effective in their own lives. This can manifest in issues such as The ability of the business world to invest in another country or a third country, to develop the economy and trade, or to visit for the purposes of tourism or maritime transport.” He rated it.

Emphasizing that the positive agenda, which aims to increase cooperation between Turkey and Greece on various issues such as trade and tourism, is not a static process that is completed when the set goals are achieved, “The positive agenda between Turkey and Greece is a dynamic cooperation and I hope it will remain so. The completed topics are removed from the agenda New topics are being added to the agenda. He said.

Frangoyannis also stated that when there are good intentions and a good atmosphere in bilateral relations, the enthusiasm is to set new goals, take new steps, do more and achieve better results while achieving goals.

Thessaloniki – Izmir ferry line

The Thessaloniki-Izmir ferry line, which was commissioned in 2022 and served for a short time, is a source of happiness, Frangoyannis said, “This is a commercial project decision. Turkey and Greece did what they had to do, and formed a framework for cooperation. Not only were governments supported, but organizations helped The ports of Izmir and Thessaloniki are also in this direction. He said.

Deputy Minister Frangoyannis indicated that the line, which he said could start operating again shortly before the summer season, could be an alternative for passenger transportation as well as freight transportation.

Efforts to facilitate Turkish tourists

Recalling that in previous years, efforts were made to provide facilitation of obtaining an entry visa for tourists from Turkey to enter the Greek islands, and he said: “We talked with our colleagues in Ankara, with whom we work within the framework of a positive agenda, about methods that will facilitate entry (to the islands) and speed up control procedures.” Passports and Customs We will be happy to see more Turkish tourists on our islands this year. I finish.

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