Balkans | The book “If You Don’t Get Lost, This City Is Still Yours” was presented in Skopje

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Balkans |  The book “If You Don’t Get Lost, This City Is Still Yours” was presented in Skopje

Leila Şerif Emin, Editor-in-Chief of Kopru Magazine, Poet and Writer entitled “If You Don’t Lose, This City Is Still Yours – City and Time in Rumelia” was presented in Skopje after Istanbul.


The Skopje Yunus Emre Institute organized a presentation and signing day for the book of Skopje writer and poet Leila Şerif Emin, entitled “If you do not lose, this city is still yours – the city and time in Rumelia”.

The program was attended by Sirhat Cola, Director of Skopje Yunus Emre Enstitüsü, President of the Turkish National Unity Movement (TMBH) Erdoğan Seraj, Chairman of the Köprü Association Husrev Emin, Vice Chairman of MATÜSİTEB Mehmet Arif, representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations and many guests.

Skopje YEE Kula manager said in his speech that they are very happy to welcome guests in their new place.

– “We are here to support our intangible heritage within Turkish institutions”

Recalling that Leila Sherif Amin’s book “A Tale of Skopje” was promoted at their institute 3 years ago, Kola said, “This is the second book, but we are both happy and sad because, frankly, there are not many people who produce books and want to promote For books other than Laila. Mrs. Laila says if you are not lost here, I am translating here from both sides. We are talking about the disappearance of the city as well as the loss of our individual identity.” He said.

Describing his memory of a meeting he had with the mayor of Kumanova, Cola said, “You are coming as the Republic of Turkey, you are repairing our bridges, our mosques and our baths here, of course, it’s beautiful, but there are other parts that need to be fixed. There are parts that connect with us,” he said. Use phrases.

Underlining that there is an intangible heritage that has spread all over Rumelia, Cola emphasized, “As Yunus Emre Institute, we are here to support our intangible heritage among Turkish institutions. From Turkey, we strive to reflect the Turkish-Roman culture here, instead of bringing Turkey’s own cultural assets and abstract culture here We do this in gastronomy, we do it in music, we do it in archery.” He rated it.

– “You must write the city where you live”

The author of the book, Lil Sharif Amin, said that most of the articles in the book were published in Turkey and promoted for the first time in Istanbul.

Noting that most of the articles are about us in Turkey, Emin said, “Sometimes, one doesn’t know how we can describe what we went through here a century ago. In Turkey, it’s my weakest point. The content of the book is Letters from Scooby, so it was the first in Istanbul. I hope it will be in Prizren too.” He said.

Laila Sharif Amin, who advised young people to write, said: “Even if you can’t write for anything, write for a city. You should write the city where you live. So, by writing down that date, maybe 20-30 years later, many things can change.” There will be some who will wonder what it was like in Skopje in the 2000s. You know, leave something behind.” found its rating.

Emin said he read it from Yahya Kemal’s childhood memories in Skopje in 1912, “When he talked about this neighborhood, he talked about the sounds coming from Kursunlu Han, that is, when I read this book, I was already living 100 years ago when I was at home. Because while he was talking about Kursunlu Han, it was mentioned that there was a prison at that time, folk songs come on my lap, while I was reading this book, voices were coming from Kursunlu Inn. There was a jazz festival, as I said, so that those who will read it 100 years later will know in a place What is still sound inside this hostel after 100 years, but we had a jazz festival, but fortunately, we have activities there now with Yunus Emre. He said.

In the program, Dean of the Faculty of Education at the International Balkan University, Dr. Sihan Murtazan Ibrahim rated the book.

In the programme, sections from a book by Habib Alim, one of the young members of the KOPRO Association, were read.

The program concluded with the signature of writer Laila Sharif Amin.

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