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Balkans |  The Bulgarian government appoints the first six provincial governors

At the beginning of the government meeting, Bulgarian Prime Minister Academic Nikolai Denkov said: “The Council of Ministers has appointed the first six provincial governors. They will be responsible for the provinces of Sofia, Plovdiv (Plovdiv), Lovech (Lovka), Pleven (Plevni), Dobrich (Hacıoğlu Pazarcık) and Silistra. He explained that my representatives The new statesmen in these regions were elected as a result of a consensus reached between the two parliamentary groups supporting the government.

It would be better if we appointed the respective governors a little more slowly, but they should be the result of compromise between the coalitions that support the government. This gives stability and the opportunity to select the best candidates. He explained that after starting the process, we expect to be ready to appoint other provincial governors in the coming days.”

Viara Tudeva, who has extensive experience in public administration, was appointed governor of the Sofia city district. Todeva temporarily held the same position between June and August 2022, and served as regional deputy governor between September 2021 and August 2022.

Ilya Zyumbiliev, an energy expert, becomes the new Plovdiv regional governor. Viktor Stoychev, who held the same position from January to August 2022, has been appointed governor of Lovech District. Stoychev has many years of experience, including the position of head of the department and deputy director in the Lovech Regional Directorate of the National Revenue Agency.

Violetta Eremeeva became the ruler of the new Pleven district. Eremeeva, who was deputy governor of the Pleven District between January and August 2022, has worked in the private sector for many years and has devoted nearly 30 years to solving the problems of people with disabilities.

Yordanka Kustdinova was appointed regional governor of Dobrich. Kostadinova, who was a deputy in the 47th and 48th sessions of the People’s Assembly, has many years of experience as a pharmacist.

Mencho Yordanov was appointed governor of the Silistra region. Yordanov, who served as deputy governor in the same region between May 2021 and August 2022, worked for many years in the systems of the Ministry of Interior (MVR) and the State National Security Agency (DANS).


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