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Balkans |  The Bulgarian tourist annex in Istanbul is expected to open in February

According to the statement issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism, Teodora Taskova of the General Directorate of International Activities and Visa Regulations of the Ministry of Tourism is one of the most serious candidates for the position of Bulgarian tourist attache in Turkey. Taskova, General Director of International Activities and Visa Systems, Georgi Alibiyev, at the round table meeting on “Cooperation Opportunities between Bulgaria and Turkey in the field of Health and Balneotherapy” held within the scope of the International Business and Investment Forum organized by the Bulgarian Investments Agency in Istanbul was presented as an appendix.

And the statement read: “In this context, and given the expected strong interest in appointing a tourism attache in Turkey, we make it clear that the Ministry of Tourism has not yet held the final internal elections, and from this standpoint, the candidacy process for appointing an attache to the Bulgarian tourism attaché in Istanbul has not been completed.” She said, “There is Three potentially suitable candidates are from the staff of the General Directorate for International Activities and Visa Regulations, one of whom is Director Georgy Alibyev.

Currently, Bulgaria has two active employees abroad, one in Poland and the other in Germany, in the position of tourism attache. After Bulgarian diplomats and officials were recalled from Moscow at the beginning of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Katya Zhikova, our country’s longtime tourist attache in Russia, also returned to Bulgaria. Jekova, who has extensive experience, will be able to successfully fulfill the duties of the position in Turkey.

A long-time employee in the General Department of International Activities and Visa Systems at the Ministry of Tourism is appointed as a tourist attaché abroad, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after determining the purpose of the temporary diplomatic degree during their period of service. The appointment process does not require the organization of an examination. The employee to be brought into this position is determined by the Minister of Tourism according to his/her experience level.

It is expected that the preliminary organizational and logistical issues related to the opening of the Bulgarian Tourist Attaché in Istanbul will be resolved during the visit of Tourism Minister Elin Dimitrov to Turkey on February 25-27.

Source: CardZhalNews

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