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Balkans |  The claim that the Chief of the General Staff of Greece was overheard by Greek intelligence

It was alleged that the Chief of the General Staff of Greece, Konstantinos Floros, had been wiretapped by the Greek Intelligence Agency (EYP) and that this wiretapping was not for national security purposes, but to gather information about his private life.

In a story published by Documento, Greece, it was alleged in the report on Floros’ hearing by EYP that he paid half of the unregistered house amount while buying a house worth 1,200,000 Euros.

In the report, which noted the lack of a national security assessment in the report, “Fleur was not pursued by wiretapping alone. The EYP also went for broader surveillance and information gathering about his private life.” expressions were used.

It was alleged in the report that it was indicated that Floros was not on good terms with Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panayotopoulos and politicians in general, and that the report was also submitted to the Prime Ministry in June 2022.

And it was claimed in the news that Florus’ talks about weapons systems that Greece is considering buying from Israel were also included.

The main opposition wanted clarification of these allegations

The main opposition party, the Radical Left Alliance Syriza, has asked Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to explain why it is listening to senior figures in the Hellenic Armed Forces.

“Why did the EYP hear the chief of staff, the national security symbol, and the name of the head of armaments programmes?” the statement read. statements, and clarification of allegations was requested.

Denying allegations from the Greek General Staff

In a statement from the Greek General Staff, it called the allegations “an attempt to undermine the moral standing of the Chief of the General Staff, especially at a critical time for the country.”

The statement said that Floros and his family’s assets are registered with the official authorities as provided by law, and a “defamatory” explanation was given to the allegations regarding financial matters.

Extortion allegations

SYRIZA spokesperson Bobby Chapanidou said: “Florus does not deny that EYP listened to him in his response. All it tells us is that the allegations will not sever a relationship of trust with those who listen to him. We hope to find out soon if this is a relationship of trust or extortion.” made remarks.

Jabanidou called on Prime Minister Mitsotakis to respond to allegations of wiretapping, and said, “Did you listen to Floros for the sake of national security or to blackmail him in his decisions regarding weapons programs worth millions of euros?” He said.

The government spokesperson, Yanni Economou, denied the allegations and said that the government had full confidence in the notables of the Hellenic Armed Forces.

eavesdropping scandal

The wiretapping scandal in Greece surfaced in April after the discovery of “predatory” spyware on the mobile phone of Greek journalist Thanassis Kokakis.

In the news in the Greek media, the phones of several important politicians, bureaucrats, journalists and businessmen were allegedly wiretapped, including former Prime Minister Andonis Samaras, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, and Chief of the General Staff Konstandanos Floros.


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