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Balkans |  The closing program and distribution of certificates was organized at the Skopje Summer School

The “Summer School”, which was held for the 16th time by the Bridge Association and the Supporters Association, and in recent years, in cooperation with Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Cenk Comik, was successfully completed.


Former President of the Constitutional Court Salih Murad, President of the Kopro Association, Khosrev Emin, President of the Ansar Association Suleiman Baki, Coordinator of TIKA Skopje Halim Umar Sogut, Education Counselor Umar at the Turkish Embassy in Skopje. Yerlikaya, Religious Services Counselor Mustafa Bodur, Bekirish representing the Skopje Yunus Emre Institute, Director of Funding Maaref Schools of North Macedonia Ugur Karahan, Summer School Supervisor Hafiz Biro Emin, Vice President of Bridge Association Mehmet Arif, coaches, students and families attended.

Suleiman Baki, the head of the Ansar Association, said that work on the summer school began in 2007 and continued in the Ansar Association dormitories until 2018.

– Süleyman Baqi: We wanted our children to breathe history in the historical places of the Turkish Bazaar in Skopje

Pointing out that this year is the 16th year of summer school, Baki said: “The aim is to allow students to enjoy vacation, fun, travel and carry on with enthusiasm, but for 3 and a half hours a day, children have to remember something, refresh what they know, and learn something new For those who do not know, and we have organized this program. What we taught, the conditions of Islam, the conditions of faith, belief, some prayers, memorization, Ismail al-Hasna, Ottoman history, Islamic history, the biography of our Prophet, with its main lines, can be taught in 4 weeks. Use his statements.

Reminding that the children who come to the summer school are really lucky, Baki said: “Thank God, in such a historical place, the legacy of our ancestors in this beautiful place is now under the responsibility of the Mufti of Skopje, there has been a struggle that has been waged for years. We hope that these programs will continue In the future, we would like to thank everyone who contributed in this sense, let them breathe history and feel the history in this historical place in this historical Turkish bazaar. He said.

– Hüsrev Emin: The knowledge gained in the summer school will contribute to the process of building the character of our children

The President of the Bridge Association, Khosrev Amin, also stated that it is a separate source of pride and happiness to experience the happiness of reaching the end of such a beautiful project from the beginning.

Stating that he thanked the teachers and friends who participated in preparing the program, Emin said, “I would like to thank Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Young Kumk, on behalf of the Bridge and Ansar Association, for their support and contribution to the summer school, especially during the past three years. We believe that knowledge, experience and fun time What will be gained here will contribute to the empowerment of young candidates in the process of creating their personalities. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them and their parents and guardians for choosing us.” made the statement.

– Halim Omer Sogut: There are institutions specific to these lands such as Köprü, Ensar and MATÜSİTEB in Rumeli.

Halim Omer Sogut, coordinator of TIKA Skopje, emphasized that there is a lot of effort in the summer school.

Emphasizing that there are special organizations for Bromelia, such as Kupru and Ansar associations in these lands and beyond, Matusitep said, “A lot of effort was spent here in the summer and the people were here. I have worked hard. Likewise, the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which supports this process, and the invisible heroes, I say God have mercy on them all. May God bless those who have the slightest service to this land. I hope that these works will continue to increase in the future.” He rated it.

Salih Murat: As a Turkish child in Skopje, everyone sees that you are a different child when you walk in Skopje.

Saleh Murad, the former President of the Constitutional Court, began his speech by congratulating the summer school students, their parents, and the heads of associations for their initiatives.

Stating that students will work at different levels in Macedonia in the future and that the education and training they received today will add a lot to their lives, Murat said, “It will also add a lot to Macedonia. Because being from Skopje is a privilege in the Balkans. Skopje is the capital of Rumelia. It’s a pleasure to meet the children of Skopje today. I got to know Skopje better at summer school, and I saw our historical fabric, its magnificence and grandeur. As a Turkish child in Skopje, everyone sees that you are a different child when you walk in Skopje. On this occasion you became the most beautiful of children with the lessons, manners and discipline you learned. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the KOPRO associations and supporters.” He said.

Omer Yerlikaya: Summer school is an opportunity to teach our children cultural values.

Education Consultant Omer Yerlikaya said he was very pleased to be in such an organization in a historic place.

Summer schools are an opportunity, Yerlikaya emphasized, “In this era when digitization has spread as widely as possible, it is an opportunity for our children to socialize, and an opportunity to teach our children cultural values. We have heard about these sensitivities. Turning this opportunity from an idea into action requires effort and organization We see it here too. I congratulate the associations of Ansar and Kopro and their directors, especially the Konya Metropolitan Municipality. Use his statements.

Mustafa Bodour: With the knowledge you have learned, you serve this geography and its Muslims.

Religious Services Counselor Mustafa Budur stated that attending the summer school in Skopje has a special significance and meaning.

And I gave an example of the companions of the Messenger in his time, and Bodour said: There will be many faces raised by those whom we call the companions of the page behind the mosque of our master, the most noble Messenger, from whom we are. Learn Islam and who we owe money to, God willing. With the important information that you have learned in this short period, God willing, you will serve this geography and its Muslims, and this will be the greatest goal in your life.

In the summer school that took place from June 19 to July 12, 2022, a total of 170 students, 101 girls and 69 boys between the ages of 7 and 14 attended classes in 6 different classes and participated in different activities.

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