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Balkans |  The era of Giovanni Guidetti in Serbia

The Serbian Volleyball Federation announced the signing of a two-year contract with Giovanni Guidetti.

Giovanni Guidetti is the new coach of the Serbian national team. Guidetti will sign a contract before the Red Star-VakifBank match in Belgrade on Tuesday 31 January.

It was learned that the Italian coach did not make a special request from the Serbian Federation and accepted the offer.

“Serbia is a great team”

Al-Jediti, who has coached our women’s national volleyball team for years, used the following phrases in his statement:

“I am honored because Serbia is a great team. They are a really successful and good group. They have many talented players and potential players. It will be a great opportunity and challenge for me to work with them.”

He was replaced by Santarelli

It was announced that Daniele Santarelli had been appointed head coach of the Turkish women’s national volleyball team, which had been vacated by Giovanni Guidetti.

He signed a 2 + 4 year contract with the successful coach. In this way, the two Italian coaches switched places.

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