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Balkans |  The fire continues on the island of Rhodes

While most of the 4-day wildfires have been brought under control at many points in Greece, the fire in Rhodes Island has reportedly continued.

In the news broadcast by the Greek media, it was stated that the fires in the region of Attica, Loutraki and Sparti, including the capital, Athens, were under control and that firefighters were ready for new fires in these regions.

It was reported that the fire on the island of Rhodes continued to spread uncontrollably, and three villages were evacuated as a precaution.

Warning of a high risk of fire in the country

Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias announced, in a post on Twitter, that the armed forces are also supporting firefighting efforts across the country.

According to ERT news, the Greek fire brigade has canceled all permits for personnel until further notice, citing the continued risk of wildfires across the country.

In the news, it was announced that teams from Poland, Slovakia and Romania, for which Greece had asked for help, are beginning to arrive, and two firefighting planes will be sent from Israel.

The authorities warned that “the risk of fires breaking out across the country is high,” as the heat wave will begin to take its toll from today.


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