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Balkans |  The foreign ministers of the EU countries met with Ukraine’s main agenda

The foreign ministers of the European Union countries will discuss the latest developments in the war, especially the additional financial and military aid that will be provided to Ukraine, the establishment of a special court for war crimes, and the provision of nuclear security.

The foreign ministers of France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Slovenia made statements to the press before entering the first meeting of EU foreign ministers this year.

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said that his country will continue to provide economic, financial, diplomatic, political and humanitarian aid, especially military, to Ukraine, as promised by President Emmanuel Macron, the delivery of AMX-10 RC light battle tanks is within the scope of this assistance.

Colonna indicated that she would discuss the release of 500 million euros in aid at the meeting, indicating that she supports the work of the International Criminal Court on whether Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine in every sense of the word.

Colonna alleged that Russia committed war crimes in Ukraine.

Referring to the situation in Iran, Colonna said that in addition to the previous decisions, sanctions will be applied to the Iranian authorities, and that she will also discuss extending the mandate of the EU mission in Armenia.

Support Ukraine against Russia

German Foreign Minister Analina Berbock also stated that “everyone who looks at Ukraine will see that the entire map of Ukraine has been painted red in recent days because of the missile launch warning” and said: “The whole country is under attack by the Russian regime. 11 months after the start of the Russian war Brutally, (Russian President Vladimir) Putin has made it clear that he has not deviated from his murderous plan to destroy Ukraine.” He said.

Emphasizing that it is very important for the international community to do everything possible for Ukraine to be the winning side, Berbock noted that it is important for international partners to work together to support Ukraine’s right to self-defense.

Ensuring nuclear security in Ukraine

“We reiterate our unconditional military aid to Ukraine,” said Belgian Foreign Minister Hajja Lahbib. He said.

“We will discuss referring the war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine to an international tribunal,” he told Habib. Use the phrase.

The Belgian minister stated that they held informal talks with the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Mariano Grossi, for the safety of the nuclear power plant in Ukraine within the scope of the meeting.

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez said: “Spain supports all the efforts of the IAEA to ensure nuclear security in Ukraine. The IAEA is central to its role in combating nuclear proliferation and its contribution to international peace and security,” he said.

The issue of Palestine and Montenegro will also be discussed at the meeting.

Slovenian Foreign Minister Tanja Vagon also indicated that they will talk about a new aid package for Ukraine worth 500 million euros at the meeting.

Fagon stressed that they will also meet Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, and said, “We see many civilian deaths and tensions in the Palestinian territories. We will certainly express our support for the Palestinian people.” He said.

Noting that the long-standing political crisis in Montenegro will also be discussed at the meeting, Vagon stated that they are trying to support the country in establishing an effective constitutional court and returning to the EU path.


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