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Balkans |  The former vice president of the European Parliament accused of bribery denies the allegations

The lawyer of the Greek Eva Kaili, one of the vice-presidents of the European Parliament, who was detained in Belgium as part of the investigation into allegations of corruption and bribery in the European Parliament, has defended her innocence.

Speaking to OPEN TV broadcasts in Greece, the attorney for Kylie’s family, Mihalis Dimitrakopoulos, relayed Kylie’s assessment of the allegations.

Dimitracopoulos stated that Kylie completely denied the allegations of taking bribes and stated that he was innocent.

Stating that it was not possible to confirm or deny the news in the press that “money was discovered in the bag” due to confidentiality in the file, Dimitracopoulos argued that claims of money under the baby’s bed did not reflect the truth.

Dimitrakopoulos stated that Kylie’s father was not banned from leaving Belgium and that he continued to stay in Belgium only to support his daughter.

Pointing out that the Athens-based real estate company, founded in the name of Kylie and his wife, has only existed for a month, Dimitrakopoulos claimed that this company has not carried out any economic activity yet.

Dimitrakopoulos argued that the accounts of Kylie’s sister and her father, which have been frozen by Greece’s Anti-Money Laundering Foundation, are salary accounts only, and that she will submit to the relevant institutions tomorrow to release the accounts.

Allegations about Kylie’s wife

In the news broadcast by MEGA TV in Greece, based on the sources of the Socialist MPs in the European Parliament, there were allegations that Kylie’s wife, Francesco Giorgi, who was detained as part of the same investigation, constantly contacted the AP Socialist MPs and demanded that they take a stand in favor of Qatar.

In a letter sent to Socialist MEPs from the email address of an MEP lawmaker with whom Gyorgy works, a parliamentary vote was allegedly called for to reject allegations that the World Cup was awarded to Qatar by taking bribes. .

“The Associated Press should not accuse any country without evidence from the competent judicial authorities,” the email read. Allegedly included.

Possibility of extradition to Greece

According to Greek media, Kylie is expected to face up to 10 years in prison in Belgium if convicted, and up to 15 years if extradited to Greece.

Kylie is fired

Greek MP Eva Kaili, who was detained in the European Parliament on corruption charges, was removed from her position as deputy speaker of the parliament.

In the vote that took place in the General Assembly of the European Parliament held in Strasbourg, France, it was decided by a majority of 625 deputies to 1 against Kylie that he should be removed from his position as Vice President.

The decision regarding Kylie, one of the 14 vice-presidents of the European Parliament, took effect immediately.

Allegations of bribery in the European Parliament

The Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced on December 9 that an unnamed Gulf state is suspected of providing large sums of cash and gifts of high value to people in strategic positions in the European Parliament for several months to influence decisions.

The statement stated that during the searches, a total amount of 600,000 euros in cash, computers and mobile phones were seized.

Media reports alleged that former Vice-President of the European Parliament Eva Kaili and some members of Parliament had received bribes from Qatar to influence the economic and political decisions of the Parliament.

Qatar denied the allegations.

On the other hand, Qatar denied allegations that it bribed people in strategic positions to influence some economic and political decisions of the European Parliament.

The statement issued by Qatar’s mission to the European Union stated that “efforts to link Qatar to accusations against some people in the press were categorically rejected,” and it was stated that these news, which the State of Qatar associated with some of them. The allegations are unfounded.

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