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Balkans |  The International Balkan University’s support for the earthquake region continues

The International Balkan University (IBU) continues its assistance and support activities in the earthquake zone.

According to the statement issued by the university, the support provided worldwide to heal the wounds of the earthquake that struck 11 provinces in Turkey, called the catastrophe of the century, continues in North Macedonia under the leadership of the International Federation of the Blind.

Dean of the International Balkan University Prof. Dr. doctor. Mehmet Dursun Erdem stated that dozens of aid trucks have been delivered to the region so far in coordination with the IBU.

Erdem said, “We continue to do our best in North Macedonia for the sake of our compatriots who suffered from this earthquake, which is called the catastrophe of the century, not only in our country, but all over the world. Since the first day of the earthquake, we have delivered more than ten relief trucks to the region via Disaster and emergency management, in coordination with our university.

Our compatriots from all over North Macedonia, from Tetovo to Ohrid, from Manastir to Gostivar, have joined us to share their pain and offer their support as they can. Currently, Vice Rector Serdar Serdaroglu is in Adiyaman and is personally involved in relief activities, “he said.

“As president of the university, my assistant and I are completely focused on this organization.” Erdem said, “We are trying to advance in a way that will not lose coordination in the assistance activities in North Macedonia, which are being carried out under the leadership of our Turkish students studying at our university, also taking into account the following process. As we hear about the work being done in all of North Macedonia, we once again realize the extent The wonderful feeling of this brotherhood is here.” made his comment.

“Turkey is our brother”

Berkan Emery, General Secretary of the International Balkan University said, “Turkey is our brother. When we are in a difficult situation, when we stumble, we see our brother and Turkey next to us and feel their deep support. Now our brother is in a difficult situation. It is under the influence of the biggest earthquake in the last century. It has lost more than 36 thousand of our compatriots lost their lives. Use phrases.

Emre said, “What can we do for the hundreds of thousands of our relatives who have been affected by the disaster after we received the news of the earthquake? We thought. On the first morning of the earthquake, we, as the whole country, became vigilant and everyone in our country started to make an effort.” He rated it.

Pointing out that they organized the aid collected at the university, Emery said, “Given the scale of the disaster, we continue to work on the materials most in need in the region in coordination with the Turkish embassy. In this direction, we express our best wishes to our sister Turkey again.” Use phrases.

Ibrahim Murad, Deputy Secretary General of the International Balkan University, said that they felt very sad after receiving the news of the earthquake and that everyone from 7 to 70 in Macedonia tried their best to help the disaster area.

Murad continued his words as follows:

We try to get the most needed materials in the region through negotiation and coordination with the embassy and the disaster and emergency department. We carefully pack and package many items such as tents, blankets, heaters, basic food, baby supplies, clothes, basic cleaning products, and water. With the great support of our people, we have prepared the aid collected so far to be delivered to the earthquake zone and handed over to the authorities. This work will continue.

We will do our best to support our motherland to stand up again. In this context, we would like to express our gratitude to our individuals, institutions and charitable organizations for their unwavering support. I also want to thank my teammates, brothers and students who work day and night for Turkey.


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