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Balkans |  The lifeblood of the FETÖ terrorist organization: Greece

After July 15th, Greece became one of the biggest escape points for members of the treacherous terrorist organization. More than 20,000 FETO members have fled to Greece.

After the treacherous coup attempt on July 15, Greece was one of the first countries to embrace members of the terrorist organization who fled abroad. Immediately after the coup attempt, 8 members of the FETO organization fled to Greece by helicopter.

There was no positive response from Greece to Turkey’s urgent request for extradition. The Greek government released the FETO members and granted them asylum. It was alleged that the Greek authorities sent 8 terrorists from the FETO organization abroad, fearing a “possible intelligence operation”.

Greece’s embrace of members of terrorist organizations is not limited to this. As the organization’s leaders fled Turkey, they saw Greece as a liberated area. It is alleged that members of terrorist organizations such as Abdullah Bozkurt and Çiveri Guven stayed here for a while and then moved to other countries.

Message from the FETO Leader to Athens

The Greek media continues to open the pages of newspapers and TV channels for FETO members at every opportunity. A book about the leader of the Gulen gang, Fethullah Gulen, translated into Greek, was published in 2021. The leader of the terrorist organization also participated in the book’s promotional event with a video message. In his message, he praised Greece, which embraced the members of the FETO organization, and said that it “proves that it is a brotherly country.”

It is estimated that there are currently around 9,000 FETO members in Greece. FETO members are still trying to cross into Greece illegally.

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