Balkans | The MRF party supports the prime minister’s candidate, the GERB, Maria Gabriel

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Balkans |  The MRF party supports the prime minister’s candidate, the GERB, Maria Gabriel

Yordan Tsonev, Deputy Chairman of the MRF and Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Group, Yordan Tsonev, at the working meeting between the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and the expert groups of Citizens for a European Future in Bulgaria (GERB) – UDF touched on Maria Gabriel, candidate for prime minister He said, “Congratulations on your candidacy. It is fitting for Bulgaria to have a female prime minister at this difficult time. As HÖH, we have the following principle: We turn to women in motion when there is important and responsible work to be done.” “I hope that you will successfully complete your mission and begin the work that the citizens of Bulgaria are waiting for,” Tsonev stressed.

Gabriel presented the ten priorities of the government that he will propose to the MRF. At the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Assembly of the 49th Session of the MRF Velez Husminova, Deputy Chairman of the MRF Akhmad Akhmetov and Stanislav Anastasov, Financial Expert Assoc. doctor. Peter Chubanov, social policy expert Dr. Hasan Adimov and MP Elvan Gurkas participated.

Tsonev stated, “In terms of priorities, we reminded the Bulgarian citizens that most of them are not just ours, but that we pledged to fulfill during the election campaign” and that MRF President Mustafa Karady also filmed a special segment at the end of the campaign in which he lists the MRF’s commitments to the public.

Today, the media has highlighted the priority of your priorities, requesting the resignation of the Attorney General. Our president told members of the press that there is tension in the community and that this problem must be resolved. That is why we welcome and support your initiative.”

“Moreover, it is in line with the fact that all parties are talking about judicial reform, but the MRF is the only party proposing a constitutional amendment that envisions very deep and real constitutional reforms, as recommended by the Venice Commission and our European partners in January 2022.”

Tsonev said, “Even then we said that this project is the basis for talks with other political forces. Of course, we were saddened by the lack of interest in this project, especially by those who talked about judicial reform.”

But time is cruel, said the politician. This is what brought our action to the fore today, and we can say that we are far-sighted enough to do so. He stressed that we support the cause made by this media.

Tsonev stressed that “the solution to the political crisis is through the establishment of an organized government, and the work of Parliament so that we can solve other crises with the procedures and emphasis specified in your program.”

Vice President of HÖH, “We are talking about green economy, high technologies. Our campaign was carried out in 2017 with a program under the slogan “Green Economy, High Technologies, Free and Active Citizens in State Administration.” We are not only open to this, but our desire for 6 years is to find Partners for Bulgaria with whom we can do this.

“As early as 2020, our president proposed the formation of a technocratic government to advance the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan and operational programmes,” Tsonev said. Yes, unfortunately we lost 3 years and probably lost a little money under the plan. But you are a very experienced EU expert and I think we can recover many things that we have lost.

The politician said he was very impressed with the three aces (Bulgarian words that start with A), which Gabriel referred to as the principles of government he was proposing: ambition, power, and loyalty.

Tsonev said, “Your three professors have been the cause, the reaction and the dialogue with us. If we take the initials (Bulgarian words starting with r, o and d) they read as ROD.” We have an obligation to the Bulgarian citizens that we have to do what they expect from U.S”.

HÖH Vice President emphasized the point of view shared with Gabriel on the richness of differences, “This is a philosophy, a foundation on which our entire policy and all our ideological image is built. For us, differences are not a problem, but an enrichment. We believe that we will find a common language here as well.”

“People ask only one question: Are you going to form a government? We all have that responsibility, but the responsibility of GERB is much greater, because the first power is in your hands. We are glad to see that you have taken a responsible approach.”


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