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Balkans |  The Netherlands and Luxembourg were worried about the tensions in northern Kosovo

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel have expressed concern about tensions in northern Kosovo.

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and Luxembourg Prime Minister Bettel held a joint press conference with Prime Minister Albin Kurti as part of their visit to Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.

Prime Minister Rutte stated that the best way to reduce tensions is for the parties to fulfill the demands made by the EU.

Expressing their concern about the tensions in northern Kosovo, Rutte said, “As the Netherlands and Luxembourg, we call on both sides to engage in EU-led dialogue to defuse the situation and eventually normalize relations between the two countries. I believe this is necessary not only for peace and stability in region, but also for greater integration in the European Union. Use phrases.

There will be no winner in a potential conflict between the two countries, Bethel emphasized, “You know what tension here means, we must not forget that the First World War began here and the last war we fought on our continent before was Ukraine. Here in the former Yugoslavia. Therefore, we must We avoid any new crisis, where the civilian population suffers the most. He said.

Noting that Kosovo wants good-neighborly relations with Serbia, Kurti said, “Democracies stand in solidarity with authoritarian regimes, so the democratic development of Kosovo is an opportunity not only for our country but also for the European Union to advance reforms and transformation in the Western Balkans.”

On the other hand, Rota and Betel also met with Kosovo President Fyuza Osmani in the morning.

Rutte and Betel also visited Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, yesterday, and called for a reduction in the ongoing tension between the two countries as soon as possible and for the continuation of dialogue.

– Tensions in northern Kosovo have been going on for a month

On May 26, Kosovo Serbs protested against the election of Albanian mayors who won local elections on April 23 in the municipalities of Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavić, where Serbs are concentrated in northern Kosovo.

There was a clash between the Kosovo police, who were sent to the area to protect the Albanian mayors, and the Kosovo Serbs.

Serbia detained 3 people, proven to be members of the Kosovo police, in the border area of ​​the two countries on the grounds that they were “planning an action in Serbia” on June 14, while Kosovo claimed that the police had been “kidnapped”. From Serbia. Serbia released the Kosovo police on June 26.

While the Kosovo police arrested about 10 Kosovo Serbs for various reasons, Serbia demanded that these people be released as soon as possible.

The main cause of tension between the two countries, which come face to face from time to time, is expressed in Serbia’s vision of Kosovo, which unilaterally declared its independence in 2008, as its own territory.

Within the scope of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue process, initiated in 2011 with the mediation of the European Union, efforts are being made to find a common way to normalize relations and eventually for the two countries to get to know each other.


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