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The “Konya-North Macedonia Investment, Economy and Cooperation Meeting” was held by the Konya Chamber of Industry (KSO) and the Embassy of the Republic of North Macedonia in Ankara.

In the meeting hosted by KSO Board Member Celalettin Yilmaz, the need to increase trade cooperation between Konya and North Macedonia was stressed.

The meeting, which was held in the conference room of the Konya Chamber of Industry, was attended by Ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia in Ankara Jovan Manasijevski, KSO Board Member Celalatine Yilmaz, Honorary Consul of the Republic of North Macedonia in Konya Ahmet Ziya Gunduz, representatives of industrialists and representatives of workplaces from Konya.

We want to increase our trade relations with Macedonia

KSO Board Member Celalattin Yilmaz, who spoke at the opening of the meeting, gave information about Konya’s investment and production potential. Pointing out that Konya, which has become one of the leading industrial production centers in Turkey, exports more than $3 billion annually to more than 190 countries, Yilmaz said that North Macedonia ranks 52nd among these countries. Expressing Konya’s desire to cooperate more with North Macedonia, Yilmaz said, “Unfortunately, we could not achieve the required volume of trade with Macedonia, as we have strong cultural and historical ties. So much so that we, as a Konya, only exported 12 million dollars to Macedonia.” Last year. This is a very low number that needs to be improved and increased. We want to reflect our historical and cultural ties from the past to trade more. I hope today’s meeting will lead to new cooperation.”

“Take advantage of North Macedonia”

After that, Jovan Manasijevski, the ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia in Ankara, invited industrialists from Konya to Macedonia. Emphasizing that the presence of Turkish companies in North Macedonia is important for the economic relations between the two countries, Ambassador Manasijevski emphasized, “In recent years, Turkey has become the eighth largest partner of North Macedonia. I invite businessmen from Konya to evaluate the opportunities and advantages offered by North Macedonia for your future business plans. I want you to know that we, Embassy, ​​your partners. My colleagues and I will be at your service to provide full support and facilitation in the process of realizing your business plans.

There are attractive opportunities for investors.

After the opening speeches, Suzana Tuneva, Economic Counselor of the Embassy of North Macedonia in Ankara, gave a presentation on investment opportunities in North Macedonia. Toneva said that North Macedonia offers attractive incentive packages to foreign investors and that the establishment of the company was done from one point in less than 4 hours, and that their country ranks 17th in the world in terms of ease of doing business and fourth in Europe. Noting that there are opportunities for very affordable industrial lands in North Macedonia, Toneva said that the sectors with machinery, automobiles, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food processing, energy, textiles, clothing, tourism, real estate, infrastructure and financial sectors are: the sectors with opportunities in their country.
After the speeches, the participants’ questions were answered.

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