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Balkans |  The opposition is calling for Vucic’s resignation

In Serbia, the opposition is calling for the resignation of President Aleksandar Vucic, whom it accuses of treason.

Vucic, who said the Franco-German plan that actually recognizes Kosovo in principle, at the Brussels summit on Monday, said in his meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen yesterday that Serbia is committed to the EU-brokered dialogue process. and seek a compromise for Kosovo.

Despite Vucic’s statement that he would not sign any agreement that would actually or officially recognize Kosovo and pave the way for Kosovo’s membership in the United Nations, the country’s opposition parties called for Vucic to resign.

Tadic: “The statements are outrageous”

Social Democratic Party leader and former President Boris Tadic argued that Vucic’s remarks about Kosovo were a scandal. Tadic said that Vucic dreams of deceiving Western leaders with contradictory statements, and noted that with Serbia’s current steps, it has entered into political processes that see Kosovo as an independent state.

Sarovic: “The only way is to go outside”

Nemanja Sarović, leader of the “Love, Faith and Hope” movement, said that abandoning the country’s land is a crime punishable by imprisonment, and the only solution for the Serbian people is to take to the streets.

Claiming that Aleksandar Vucic accepted the EU plan and wrote the most shameful page in Serbia’s history, Sarović said, “The only word that suits him is traitor. Ultimately he will be held accountable for it,” he said.

Movement for the Defense of Kosovo and Dveri: “Immediate resignation”

The Kosovo Defense Movement and “Dveri” urged President Vucic to resign immediately, accusing him of attacking the country’s territorial integrity.

Far-right movements argued that accepting the EU offer for Kosovo was a blow to the state, and argued that Vucic’s acceptance of the Franco-German offer meant that he would agree to the deportation of Serbs from Kosovo.

Homeland movement: “The adoption of the plan generates a ‘Greater Albania'”

On the other hand, the Homeland movement argued that accepting the Franco-German plan as it stood would mean “the creation of another Albanian state in the Balkans” and the realization of the “Greater Albania” plan.

The movement accused Vucic of “easily giving away 16% of Serbian territory in order to stay in power”.

source: Balkan News

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