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Balkans |  The population crisis is worsening in Bulgaria

It has been reported that the population crisis in Bulgaria is increasing and the country ranks first in death rate and last in birth rate in Europe.

Bulgaria Academic member of the Academy of Sciences, Department of Economic and Social Geography. Doctor. In her press release about the population data, Nadia Iliva said that the main problem the country has to deal with at the moment is the low birth rate and high death rate.

Eliyeva said: “While the death rate reached 18 per thousand in 2020, it increased to 21.3 per thousand in 2022. Unfortunately, we are in the first place in this criterion on the European continent. At the same time, 8.5 per thousand in Europe according to the birth rate We are in last place.” Use phrases.

There is a 67 percent negative growth rate in the population crisis in Bulgaria, Nadezhda Ilieva said, emigration abroad He also mentioned that he had a share.

Data Evaluation Member of the faculty at Sofia University. Doctor. Georgi Berdarov said: “The situation observed with the death rate in Bulgaria is embarrassing in the European environment. Even some war-torn countries do not have such a high death rate.” Make an evaluation.

Noting that all kinds of state policies applied in the field of population can bear fruit only after 15-20 years, Berdarov said that campaigns aimed at preventing young people from emigrating abroad have not yielded fruitful results.

Migration factor in population decline

In 1989, when the communist era ended, the population of Bulgaria was close to 8 million. Hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian Turks and Muslims were forced to immigrate to Turkey in 1989, before the fall of the old regime, because of the Communist Party’s policy of persecuting Turks and Muslims in the country.

After Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, the flow of immigrants shifted towards the countries of the European Union.

According to data published by the National Statistical Institute (NSI), nearly 2.5 million Bulgarian citizens immigrated to various countries of the world, mainly members of the European Union, benefiting from the right of free movement after 2007.

In the last census conducted in 2021 in Bulgaria, which is one of the poorest members of the European Union, it was announced that the country had a population of 6 million 520 thousand.

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