Balkans | The President of BAL-GÖÇ thanked the assistance from Bulgaria to the earthquake victims

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Balkans |  The President of BAL-GÖÇ thanked the assistance from Bulgaria to the earthquake victims

Emin Balkan, President of the Balkan Immigrants Association for Culture and Solidarity (BAL-GÖÇ), the Rights and Movement Party (HÖH) in Bulgaria, whose members are mostly Turks and Muslims, thanked the Mufti of the Religion of Bulgarian Muslims for the comprehensive aid campaigns for the earthquake victims in the country. turkey.

HÖH Party Centera jobGeneral President Mustafa Karzai Stating that the earthquakes centered in the Balkans, Kahramanmaraş, hosted by the Greater Municipality of Istanbul, shocked Turkey and the Balkan migrants living in Turkey, “The greatest consolation for our people is that the Turkish people and our friends and brothers in the Balkans are helping Turkey.” He said.

The Balkans said, “I would like to thank the Bulgarian immigrants who live in Turkey, especially since Bulgaria is one of the first to provide assistance, the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev and his ministers, the Turkish and Muslim people in Bulgaria, as well as our Bulgarian friends for being with us in these difficult days in Turkey.” He said.

Chairman of HÖH Karadayı We are always with Turkey, Turkey’s pain is our pain, and Turkey’s joy is also our joy. Together we will overcome the unexpected disaster.” Use phrases.

Expressing thanks for the coordination with the Turkish Embassy in Sofia, Karaday said that in the first hours after the earthquake, the presidency, prime minister’s office, political parties and other organizations and citizens rushed to help in Bulgaria, and rescue teams were sent to Turkey. without wasting time.

Noting that they have transformed the party’s offices into centers for fundraising and organizing, he said, “We organized an aid campaign with the participation of local organizations of our party, and more than 1,500 people participated in this campaign. The campaign was not only supported by our party, but also by ordinary people in Bulgaria.” “. He said.

Early elections to be held in Bulgaria

Mustafa Karady explained that they are planning a comprehensive campaign and several events for Bulgarian citizens residing in Turkey in connection with the early general elections scheduled for April 2 in the country.

Karaday stated that they wanted to organize events in Manisa, Bursa, Yalova and Istanbul with one of the famous singing artists in Bulgaria, Galina, and open the House of Balkan Culture in Yalova, but these plans were postponed due to earthquakes.

Thanks from Sikizok, Ambassador to Sofia

The Ambassador of Turkey in Sofia, Aylin Etcuk, expressed her deep thanks to the MRF party on behalf of Turkey, and noted that the MRF party was the first to contact her at the time of the earthquake, and that they coordinated their work on a regular basis. every day after that.

Itcock said, “I created a huge organization. In 29 districts where there are local organizations, the aid provided by citizens was sorted out at once. The first needs were blankets and tents, I sent them first. 107 trucks full of goods transported to the main warehouse in Haskovo city began to flow To Turkey since the first day of the earthquake. He said.

Pointing out that the money raised in HÖH’s cash aid campaign was immediately sent to Turkey, again in coordination with the embassy, ​​Eightkök said. You have also demonstrated that you have a spirit of solidarity that touches the soul beyond your political credentials and makes the MRF the MRF. On behalf of Turkey, I express our gratitude.” He said.

Support the President of Bulgaria

The Chairman of the Balkan Migration Council, within the framework of his visit, made contact with the Mufti of the Religion of Bulgarian Muslims and expressed his thanks for the aid campaign organized by the Mufti after the earthquakes.

Vedat Ahmed, head of the Supreme Religious Council, said: “The problem of Turkey and our brothers in Turkey is also our problem. I want to say with an open heart that we are trying to do our best. We will continue after that. Our mufti carried out an unprecedented campaign. It was a campaign supported not only by Muslims , but by everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims. Everyone came and helped. Every day, we witness events that make our hearts flutter and shed tears, and we witness them reveal their sensitivity.” He said.

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