Balkans | The Sanjak region of Serbia is home to natural beauty and intriguing legends

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Balkans |  The Sanjak region of Serbia is home to natural beauty and intriguing legends

The Sanjak region in Serbia, where the Bosnian population is dense, is waiting to be discovered with its hidden natural beauty and legends.

Uvac Canyon, which draws attention with its curved structure, is home to a special species of griffon eagle, and Peshter, which is the highest plateau in the Balkans with an altitude of 1200 meters, is seen as one of the important tourist sites in the region.

Uvac Canyon Nature Conservation Officer Miloy Kovačević told AA Reporter that Griffon vultures’ nests under protection in the canyon are everywhere. “This place was taken under protection in the 1990s. At that time there were 5 pairs of griffon vultures. Now more,” he said. than 500 flying in the sky.” He said.

Pointing out that most of the tourists come to the region to see the griffon eagles, Kovacevic said Lake Ofak also attracts the attention of nature lovers.

A married couple, Bagru and Naveja Muhović, who live in their modest house near the Ofak Valley, noticed that the only house around the valley is their own, so their home became a resting place for the tourists visiting the area.

Explaining that he was born and raised in the area, Bagro Mohović said, “My whole life has passed here. The conditions we have are only suitable for dealing with farming and animal husbandry. That’s what we do too.” Use phrases.

Expressing that their children migrated abroad for a better life, Bagru said that he and his wife Naveja get up at 06:00 every morning and deal with the daily household chores.

319 years of Ottoman heritage, Askerli Mosque

Bashtar, the highest plateau in the Sanjak region, is also known as the “Siberian Balkans” among the people because of its extreme cold and snowy weather.

Sabahattin Abdajic, who works as a guide in the area, said that the Serbian government placed Pechter under protection in 2016. The air temperature is known to have dropped to minus 40 degrees, he shared his knowledge.

Pointing out that Lake Bishter is home to more than 170 species of birds, Abdagic said that the Ottoman heritage Askerli Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the region.

Abdajik mentioned that the mosque, which was built by the Ottomans in 1704, has been damaged several times throughout history, and said: “It was last renovated in 1976. The mosque was very important for the entire region at that time. The woodwork inside the mosque has been preserved as it is.” . He said.

Legends of the “Haunted Forest” and “The Tree of Love”

According to a legend known among the Sanjak people, the forest area in Ujau village is believed to be “haunted”.

In the said legend, it is said that a man broke the ban on logging in the forest and cut down a tree to use in the house he built, a few days after this incident, a storm broke out in the village and lightning struck the man’s house.

It is mentioned that after the storm, people reported that the “forest is haunted” and the legend helped survive.

Another legend passed from one language to another in Sanjak is the story of “the tree of love or the lonely tree”, while the tourists who visit this place say that they get positive energy by embracing the tree in question.

In a statement on the matter, Abajik said that the tree in question is a willow that has been struck by lightning several times, and that the tree has become a cult among people with its sexy and lonely appearance.

Noting that Sanjak is an important region with its weather, natural beauty and legends, Abdajik said, “You can visit here at any time of the year. When you come here, you will be welcomed by the extraordinary beauty of the region.” He said.


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