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Balkans |  The Sar Foundation stands by the earthquake victims in Turkey

The ALSAR Foundation for Culture, Education and Humanitarian Relief, which operates in Albania, stands by the earthquake victims in Turkey through various activities.

Because of the two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, Pazargic and again in Elbistan, which are described as the “disaster of the century” that occurred in southern Turkey, the Sar Foundation provided relief organizations to the earthquake victims in Albania as well as in various parts of the world, and delivered them to the earthquake area quickly.

The mobile soup kitchen of the Al-Saar Foundation was sent to the earthquake zone in cooperation with WIFA and with the coordination of the Disaster and Emergency Management, and began distributing hot meals. In cooperation with the Germany-based IHH, 5,000 euros in cash aid has been sent to the AFAD account. Food aid was provided in the earthquake area with the Unity in Hearts Foundation, which was established by the friends and loved ones of the martyr Muhsin Yazicioglu to heal the wounds, and contributed to the distribution of this aid. Some in-kind and cash assistance collected inside Albania was urgently sent to the earthquake zone. Another partial aid will be sent to Turkey in two trucks on Tuesday, February 21. It aims to provide an aid of €100,000 in total.

A representative of the Al-Saar Foundation made a statement during his efforts in support of the Unity of Hearts Foundation: “He called on all of humanity to support Turkey and share and alleviate the pain with them in the catastrophe of this century.”

Mehdi Kara, President of the Sar Foundation, said: “Turkey’s social, economic, educational and health support for the Balkan region was for the peace and happiness of the Balkan people. Now, for those who need the same peace, like the Balkans, we must be in Kahramanmaraş in Turkey, Hatay, Adiyaman and 11 provinces completely affected by the earthquake.

As part of the aid campaign organized by the Alsar Foundation, fundraising activities continue in the tent opened in the Albanian capital, Skenderbey Square.

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