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Balkans |  The summer tourist season 2023 has officially opened in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Minister of Tourism, Dr. Ilin Dimitrov symbolically opened the 2023 summer tourism season with a wish for a cloudless, happy and successful summer tourism season at the ceremony held in the oldest seaside resort in Bulgaria bearing the names of Saints Constantine and Elena on the day of Saints Constantine and Elena. On the same day, the celebrations of the 115th anniversary of the founding of the tourist resort reached their climax.

Regional Development and Public Works Ministers of Health and Energy Ivan Shishkov and Dr. Asen Mesediev and Rosen Hristov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Georgy Sibiev, Deputy Minister of Tourism Irina Georgieva and Professor D. doctor. Mariela Modeva, members of the Tourism Committee of the People’s Assembly, Varna and Veliko Preslav Metropolitan Yuan, Varna Regional Governor Mario Smirkov, Deputy Mayor of Varna Kosta Pazitov, diplomats, numerous guests, officials and representatives of the tourism sector.

The opening ceremony was held after the liturgy at Saint Constantine and Elena Monastery.

Addressing the crowd and official guests, Minister Dimitrov said: “We are located in an extraordinary green place with wonderful beaches, a healing climate, wonderful modern infrastructure and world-class hotels.” Dimitrov congratulated the owners and management of the seaside resort in the person of its CEOs Elena Koseva and Evelina Shaban, and awarded them an icon. Saints Constantine and Elena, Equal to the Holy Apostles, and the overall contribution to the sustainable development of the region as a year-round destination for marine and private tourism and have presented a Certificate of Appreciation for their sensitivity to the initiative of defining and promoting the destination and the Bulgarian brand.

The minister emphasized that besides being charmed by its modern vision and good management, the place is full of history and charm. Dimitrov said that there was a monastery brethren living here as early as the 14th century, then there are legends about the establishment of a monastery of the same name and the first grape curing facility, this can be said to be the beginning of the modern era. wine tourism in the region.

“Our ancestors talked about expanding the pavilions of the tourist season since the 1930s – and we haven’t stopped talking about it since then. They tried to do this by providing healing waters, balneotherapy and spa treatments.

One of the most curious facts is that the first hotel in the area, which gave its name to the town, was a wine school whose classrooms were renovated and adapted to receive tourists.

Dimitrov mentioned that the first visitor at the level of the nineteenth century after the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule was Prince Alexander I of Bulgaria, Battenberg. After the arrival of the first vacationers in 1908, this event marked the beginning of holiday and sea tourism in Bulgaria. There are 7 mineral water springs in the city, which are unique in Europe, with a temperature of between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. It is no coincidence that the largest children’s sanatorium in the Balkans is located here, which has treated thousands of children from serious illnesses. As early as the end of the 19th century, the founder of balneotherapy and mud therapy in Bulgaria, Professor V.A. doctor. Paraskev Stoyanov and director of the children’s marine sanatorium Tsaritsa Eleonora Marine in the resort town, d. Alexander Nedyalkov made significant contributions to raising the prestige of the facility.

“The treatment of grapes, good local wine, seafood, healing mineral waters and the beginning of marine tourism in Bulgaria are all intertwined here and become the number one seaside brand in Bulgaria,” said the minister. You can heal your soul and body in a sanctuary.”

The celebration programs are held under the auspices of the Ministers of Tourism and Foreign Affairs, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and the Varna Metropolitan Municipality. Radka Balabanova Ruleva, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, received the guests on behalf of Minister Ivan Kondov.

The day continues with a rich concert, show program on the open stage by the sea, various activities for children, many food surprises and a car rally on “Scheffler Street”.


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