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Balkans |  The temperature in the Balkans will reach 40 degrees this week

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Kosovo from the Balkan countries started the new week with high temperatures.

The Meteorological Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a red alert across the country until 19 July; He stated that the air temperature will range between 37 and 40 degrees.

Citizens were advised not to go out between 12.00 and 18.00 and to take plenty of fluids against heatstroke.

He stated that today will be the “warmest day” in Serbia, and that the air temperature will rise to 40 degrees. Citizens were urged to be careful due to the high temperature.

He warned that the air temperature in Montenegro will rise today to 40 degrees and that high temperatures will continue in the coming days.

Radio and Television of Montenegro urged citizens to be careful of the sun, advising people to choose early morning or evening.

The Croatian State Meteorological Institute announced that the air temperature would be between 35 and 40 degrees, and issued yellow and red warnings, especially in coastal areas. Vacationers have also been warned not to sunbathe during the hours when the air temperature is highest.

It was noted that the streets were empty during daylight hours due to the high temperatures in the Western Balkans.

The Kosovo Institute of Meteorology also announced this week that thermometers will see 40 degrees Celsius.

“Heat waves in many cities will lead to temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius,” the institute said in a statement. The weekend is also expected to be very hot. This weather, where you will feel very hot temperatures, is a result of heat waves from North Africa.” Data included.

The institute recommended that chronic patients not be exposed to sunlight between 10:00 and 17:00.

On the other hand, a water tank was placed by the Fire Department for the use of citizens wishing to cool down in the center of Pristina, the country’s capital.

A “state of yellow alert” has been declared in 24 out of 29 districts of Bulgaria

A ‘yellow alert’ has been declared in 24 out of 29 regions of the country, due to the week-long extreme heat in Bulgaria.

While the highest air temperature in the country is expected to reach 38 degrees, thermometers in the capital, Sofia, will show 34 degrees.

The authorities advise citizens not to go out, especially at noon, and to drink plenty of water.

While the municipality started water distribution at the park entrances in Sofia, the Bulgarian Railways (BDJ) temporarily canceled trips on some lines due to the unusable rails due to the heat.

Meteorologists report that the intense heat wave, which they named “Cerberus”, the three-headed monster dog mentioned in “Inferno” by the Italian writer Dante Alighieri, will continue for a few more days.


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