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Balkans |  The traditional breakfast program held in Skopje

An Iftar program was held in the capital, Skopje, in cooperation with the Rumeli Turks Foundation (RUTEV), the Skopje Association, the Kopro Association and the Ansar Association.


RUTEV Chairman of the Board of Trustees Melik Aras, Former President of the Constitutional Court Salih Murad, Vice-President of the Association Husni Ismaili, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RUTEV Rafet Reşadiyeli, Chairman of the Bridge Association Hüsrev Emin, President of the Association of Ansar Suleiman Hadar Baki, members of RUTEV, Director of Halkbank Skopje Bilal Sucubaşı, And Director of Skopje Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Serhat Kula, Representative of Macedonia in International Knowledge Schools Mehmet Baran, Representatives of Turkish Institutions and Organizations, Students, Traders and Guests.

Melik Aras, Chairperson of the RUTEV Board of Trustees, stated that she was happy to meet the people of Skopje at the breakfast table in Skopje, the center of the Islamic and Turkish city in the Balkans.

– “There is no Balkan region where we do not have breakfast”

Aras recalled that they have been organizing traditional iftar programs with the Kopru and Ansar associations since 2008 as RUTEV, “We have set this table here with our valued guests every year since 2008. Until today, we have set up iftar tables in 3 cities in the Balkans, one of which is in Skopje Every time we come. There was nothing left of the Balkans in Western Thrace, Albania, Shkodër, Novi Pazar, Bosnia, Kosovo, Presova where we did not have a breakfast table. We went to all these Balkan regions with both the Kopru Association and the Ansar Association. We were at the iftar table with our religious brothers there. That’s what happened this time.” He said.

Confirming that they were present at the opening of the mosque, which was held opposite the house of one Muslim family in the village of Kagan in the monastery last night, Aras said: “A Muslim house and a mosque were built. We lived an event that, one night, would really become a scenario. At the iftar table, which was attended by 100 people in 5 degrees cold, a Muslim house and a mosque and encountered the mufti of the monastery, I hope one day, when the history of all these Balkans is written, it is as if there is a muezzin who goes to pray in the minaret where there is no one left in the village, here is this mosque. Such a mosque that He will take his place in history.” Use phrases.

“I thank you one by one for accepting our invitation.”

The President of the Bridge Association, Khosrev Emin, said that they have traditionally experienced the blessings of Ramadan along with the support of the elderly people from Turkey.

Greeting the guests in his speech, Emin said, “I would like to greet all of you once again for being with us in this bountiful week. I would like to thank all of you one by one for being with us and for accepting our invitation, hoping that the month of Ramadan will bring beauty, peace and blessings to our country Macedonia, our relatives, our homeland and the world.” the whole of Islam., and humanity.” He evaluated it.

Our cooperation will continue from now on.

And the head of the Ansar Association, Suleiman Baqi, said that the month of Ramadan, whose beginning is mercy, its center is forgiveness, and its goal is liberation from the torment of hell, is the month of mercy, solidarity and convergence.

Stating that the strong bond between Istanbul and Skopje was strengthened on the occasion of the Iftar, Baki said, “On behalf of the Ansar Association, I would like to thank all of you, on behalf of the Romeli Turks Foundation, and especially Melek.” Aras, A.; We hope that this unit will continue with many projects, activities, education, culture and artistic activities, just as it did before.” He said.

Mustafa Budur, Counselor for Religious Services at the Turkish Embassy in Skopje, delivered the iftar prayer as follows:

“O God, the religion of the Prophet of God. The fasting person has two rewards: one when he breaks his fast, and another when he meets his Lord with the worship of fasting. We started our breakfast today and we loved this breakfast. O Lord, some of your servants became the foundation of supporters and helped their servants, and one of your servants became a bridge between them. One of your other servants was Scooby in this The ancient city. Others have gone to Balkan geography and Roman geography. Be your slaves, O Lord. Just as they bring us together and make us happy at this breakfast table, make your servants among the fortunate who prosper in this world and prosper in the hereafter, O Lord. O God, help your servants who Infidels who are being persecuted in various parts of the world are being persecuted. Accept our fast, which we kept for you in the greatness of the lodge. Make us among the loved ones on the Day of Resurrection, because you made us among the lucky ones who fast. Amen”.

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