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Balkans |  The Turkish Knowledge Foundation school campuses were opened in Skopje

The official opening of the Al-Maarif International Schools campus was held in the capital, Skopje, which carries out educational activities in North Macedonia within the framework of the Turkish Maarif Foundation.

Mustafa Şentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, who paid an official visit to North Macedonia, Hasan Mehmet Itcök, Turkish Ambassador in Skopje, Husni Ismaili, Vice President of the North Macedonian Parliament, Lulzim Aliu, Deputy Minister of Education and Science from North Macedonia, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation Turkish Knowledge (TMV), Deputy Ahmet Emre Belgeli, representatives of Turkish and local institutions and organizations, politicians, academics, teachers and students of the country.

In his opening speech, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of TMV Belgeli reminded that the Turkish Knowledge Foundation was established in 2016, and explained that the Foundation has continued its activities in many countries of the world since its establishment.

Bulgili said: “Today, the Turkish Knowledge Foundation continues to work with approximately 450 educational institutions in 51 countries, with more than 51 thousand students and 8 thousand 500 teachers. In other words, it has become a global educational institution of the Republic of Turkey. Our Foundation attaches particular importance to its work in the Balkans. In this direction, it continues its educational activities from pre-school to high school in Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Romania,” he said.

Pointing out that the Turkish Maarif Foundation has been working in North Macedonia since 2017, Bilgeli said, “It started its educational activities with the Tetovo Maariv International School which opened in Tetovo in 2018. He continues his educational studies from pre-school until the end of high school. In In the same year, a kindergarten was opened in the Botel / Medo district of the capital, Skopje. He said.

Pointing out that the current building was purchased in Skopje in 2021, and they are working hard to make it education-ready, Bilgeli said:

“In the academic year 2022/2023, education started. Here, too, we have classes from pre-school to high school. Our school has no defects, both in terms of laboratories and workshops, in terms of classrooms and in terms of space for performing other activities. Accommodate Our school here has 1,200 students. Currently, we have approximately 850 students.”

Emphasizing the special importance he attached to teaching Turkish and Turkish culture in all educational institutions of the institution, Bulgili said that for this purpose, a curriculum for teaching Turkish as a foreign language was prepared in the institution and this curriculum was approved by the Education Council of the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey.

Bulgili said, “Within the scope of the curriculum, A1 and A2 levels of Turkish knowledge sets for primary, secondary and secondary levels have been completed, and advanced textbooks continue to be prepared. Through these studies, great contributions have been made to teaching Turkish all over the world.” . He said.

The Deputy Minister of Education and Science of North Macedonia Aliu also conveyed his congratulations on the opening of the university campus and celebrated the Turkish Education Day on December 21 that was celebrated in North Macedonia.

Pointing out that the International Knowledge Schools act as a bridge between the two countries with their schools in Skopje and Tetovo, Aliu emphasized that the cultures and traditions of the peoples of the two countries are introduced into these schools.

Expressing his satisfaction with the education of children from different ethnic groups in Maarif schools, Aliyu said, “Similar to the efforts made by the Ministry of Education and Science to improve the quality of education and increase the quality of education, Maarif schools also contribute to increasing the quality by offering high-quality school infrastructure with the same spirit and staff professionals.” He rated it.

Within the scope of the ribbon-cutting program after the speeches, the students recited poetry and performed various musical and choir performances.


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