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Balkans |  The United Nations aims to reach 500,000 people affected by the “disaster of the century”

The United Nations World Food Program announced that it aims to extend a helping hand to half a million people affected by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

According to a written statement from the World Food Programme, after the February 6 disaster, food aid from the World Food Program has been delivered to the earthquake victims since February 7 in Syria and February 8 in Turkey.

The World Food Programme, which aims to reach 500,000 people in both countries, has reached nearly 64,000 people in urgent need of food as of February 8.

In this context, the emergency food needs of the earthquake victims were met with ready-to-eat food packages, family food parcels and hot meals.

The World Food Program continues to work in coordination with the Directorate of Migration Management to provide family food parcels to temporary shelter centers in the southeastern region of Turkey, which was worst affected by the earthquake.

In addition to the 44,000 Syrian refugees currently under temporary protection, Turkish citizens displaced by the earthquake are also being accommodated in these centers.

Support from the World Food Program for municipalities and camps

In this context, the World Food Program began distributing family food parcels to 17,000 earthquake victims in Cevdeti camp in Osmaniye, in close coordination with the Turkish Red Crescent and the camp administration.

In the camps, the World Food Program will distribute family food parcels to Turkish nationals for a week or two until the markets start offering shopping services again. The World Food Program also plans to distribute ready-to-eat food parcels in the camps without cooking equipment.

The program will also support municipalities in the southeast to expand functioning soup kitchens to provide daily hot meals to earthquake victims.

aid in Syria

In Syria, WFP and its partners provided ready-to-eat food parcels and hot meals to 38,000 earthquake victims who sought refuge in shelters.

Corinne Fleischer, WFP Regional Director for the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe, said: “The world woke up to shocking news on Monday. The region, which has been beset by back-to-back crises for years, is now facing yet another crisis that has caused unimaginable loss and destruction in such a manner. situation, emergency assistance cannot be delayed. WFP’s long-term strong presence in both countries allowed us to immediately mobilize our staff, logistical capabilities and partners to meet people’s urgent food needs.” Use his statements.


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