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Balkans |  The USA and England responded to Dodek’s decision

The US and UK embassies in Sarajevo reacted to the government’s decision to cut all ties with the US and UK embassies in Republika Srpska, one of the two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The US Embassy announced that the decision to cut off contacts between the Republika Srpska institutions and the official representatives of the United States and the United Kingdom is made by the “President of the Republic of Serbia”. Milorad Dodik It is a new step on the path of danger that he has chosen

The embassy pointed out, through its Twitter account, that this method “does not benefit the residents of the Republic of Serbia.”

According to Nezavisin Novin, in the released statement, “The United States of America has had good business relations with Republika Srpska institutions for many years, and we will continue to provide assistance to the citizens of Republika Srpska, as we have done all these years. We will not assist a regime that uses authoritarian tactics against its own people or uses Bona fide international aid to support unconstitutional or anti-Dayton activities.

The statement, published by the British Embassy, ​​confirmed that the entity had no such authority.

Besirovic: “Tragicomic”

Denis Beserović, a member of the Presidency Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, condemned the government of Republika Srpska for interfering in the country’s foreign policy without its authority and for taking decisions to sever relations with US and UK diplomats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, calling the decision “tragic”.

“The United States and the United Kingdom are proven friends of the giants of Bosnia and Herzegovina who provide continuous support for the stability, security and economic development of our country. Only the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina has the authority to regulate foreign policy and will continue to cooperate with our allies and their diplomats in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Bešerović. He said that after the recent scandalous decision of the Dodik regime in Republika Srpska entity, the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue its intensive and strong cooperation with the West.

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