Balkans | The vice president of TIKA, Cevik, visited Sanjak

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Balkans |  The vice president of TIKA, Cevik, visited Sanjak

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) delegation headed by TIKA Vice President Mahmud Çevik headed to the city of Novi Pazar in Serbia after their visit to Montenegro Podgorica, Rogaj and Ulgen, where they met the Turkish Consul General in Novipazar, the Mayor of Novi Pazar and the Bosnian National Council. (BNV) visited.

He stated in the meetings with the WNV delegation that TIKA will continue to implement projects for the benefit of people in the future, as it has done all over the world.

The vice president of TIKA, Cevik, thanked the people of Sanjak and the Serbian state for their support and assistance after the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey.

Vice President of TICA Dr. After the meeting, Mahmut Cevik said: “We believe that TIKA has been working for more than thirty years, that TIKA, which was founded in 1992, started working in Serbia in 2010 and that they have implemented more than 5 thousand development projects in the fields of culture, economy and health in the countries of Balkans and Eastern European countries so far.

Cevik said, “I would like to thank our Bosnian brothers Novi Pazarlı and Serbia for the help they provided to Turkey and the Turkish people after the devastating earthquakes. Since 2010, we have implemented 350 development projects in Serbia. Including building and renovating schools and hospitals, helping kindergartens, helping flood victims and restoring Cultural and historical heritage, including the gynecological clinic in Novi Pazar. He said.

TIKA’s vice president, Cevik, said he met Bosnian National Council (BNV) President Misala Bramenković and former president Jasmina Couric with board members and stressed the need for continued cooperation for the benefit of all people regardless of their religion, ethnicity or any other affiliation.

Ševik continued his speech, saying, “We attach importance to the coexistence of people with different beliefs and different languages ​​in our activities. There is an understanding based on mutual respect in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, where 3 monotheistic religions and 150 million people live.” made remarks.

Ševik said, “The Bosniaks have made great efforts in this regard, and we hope that mutual respect and love will continue. They have lived together in mutual respect for centuries and that must continue.” He said, “My Bosnian brothers live here in harmony and respect, and I am pleased to see that the Bosnian community in particular It works for the development of Serbia in general.

Cevik, who stated that they will overcome all difficulties through the unity and solidarity of Bosnians in Serbia, as they did yesterday, went to Novi Pazar for the help they provided, which allowed TIKA to officially start its activities in Serbia in 2010 and supported Turkey alone in difficult times, thanking the country Serbia, which did not leave and supported it.

In a statement after the meeting, BNV President Mesala Bramenkovic said, “We have summarized what has been accomplished so far in terms of supporting Bosniaks in the Sanjak and the Republic of Serbia, and many projects have been implemented. We discussed future plans for the implementation of projects. Aware of the fact that the Republic of Turkey is currently in a very difficult situation.” Because of the earthquake, we will continue to implement projects, and we expect more intense cooperation in this regard.

Vice President of TICA Dr. After the meeting, Mahmut Cevik took a souvenir photo with all the members, including the new and former presidents of WNV, and gave the message that unity among Bosniaks is important.

Representatives of TIKA in Serbia, headed by Mehmet Mate Anash, Coordinator of TIKA in Serbia, participated in the guest delegation.

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