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Balkans |  The votes of dual nationals living in Turkey are crucial for the Bulgarian elections

Dual nationals living in Turkey are urged to participate in the early general elections scheduled for April 2 to end the political instability in Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria, which went to the polls on April 4, July 11, November 14, 2021, and October 2, 2022, efforts to form a government failed, and a decision was taken to hold early general elections on April 2.

Officials of the Balkan Cultural Associations in Kocaeli and Sakarya, who urged dual citizens living in Turkey to go to the polls to be held in the provinces, considered the high turnout in the elections crucial for the development of Bulgarian democracy and political stability. .

Gunay Uzun, head of the Balkan Culture and Solidarity Association (BAL-TÜRK) operating in Kocaeli, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they will provide the necessary support in preparing ballot boxes, logistical support, welcoming officials and voting in order to contribute to Bulgarian democracy.

Ozun pointed out that these elections are also important for Turkey because it is a door for neighboring relations, NATO and the European Union.

Explaining that many parties participated in the elections with small alliances, as last time, Ozun explained that the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH) is important for defending the rights of the Turks, and that the party will play a major role in defending the rights of citizens there and the stability of the Bulgarians.

Pointing out that the fifth elections in the past two years have exhausted the people, Ozun said, “The formation of the government is an important matter. I think the main point in this is the Movement for Rights and Freedoms party. We believe that being a government partner of the party will contribute to the development of Bulgarian democracy.” He said.

Stressing that people should not be intimidated by the elections, Ozun said, “Bulgaria is seen as an unstable country both in Europe and in the world. In terms of investment, it is not able to make any progress. We need to move forward with the governments elected by the people.” He said.

“We want our citizens to do the work necessary for their citizens”

Erdenc Bilaloglu, Chairman of the Sakarya Migrants Culture and Solidarity Association in the Balkans also stated that polling stations will be set up in Haci Emin Oba Primary School in Serdivan district.

Bilaloglu, who called for dual citizens to vote, said they were well organized in the last elections.

Bilaloglu stressed that Bulgaria’s membership in the European Union and its representation in the European Parliament are important for Turkey.

Bilaloglu pointed out that the HÖH party has increased the number of deputies since 2021, 36 deputies in the past elections. He was 34 years old at the previous election. We sincerely want our compatriots living in Turkey to do the necessary work for the rights of their compatriots in Bulgaria.” Use the phrase.

Bilaloglu said that increasing the number of deputies has great value in achieving and protecting the rights of minorities, and he wished success to the Turks’ candidates in other parties.

Bilaloğlu stated that dual nationals living in Turkey can show an example of unity and solidarity by voting and concluded his words as follows:

No one should underestimate the elections. The slightest problem in neighboring countries is reflected on you. Therefore, we hope that the instability will end as soon as possible and an agreement will be reached. Parties that can no longer receive enough MPs must form a coalition and form a government. May this government continue to function successfully by making the right decisions.”

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