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Balkans |  The Wizard of Oz meets its audience in Prizren

The children’s play The Wizard of Oz met its audience in the amphitheater of Prizren Ukshin Hoti University.

The play, full of music and dance, which transported children to the world of fairy tales, attracted the attention of the audience. The play, which was shown 4 times in total on December 24-25, hosted colorful scenes.

Not only children but adults also showed great interest in the game. The evening session on December 24 was attended by KDTP President and Minister of Regional Development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Vikrim Damca, Secretary General of KDTP Farol Bekteş, Deputy Consul General TR Prizren İsmail Ceng Şen, Chairman of the Turkish Kosovo Representation Committee, SAİ Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ozgur Adak and the accompanying delegation for him.

At the end of the play, Damka gave flowers to the team and talked about the value of theater and preserving the Turkish language.

At the end of each game, cotton candy was distributed to the children. The joy of the children could be seen in their eyes.

The play will be replayed in Prizren on January 7-8 at 14:00 and 18:30 at the University of Prizren Ukshin Hoti Amphitheater.

Game description:

Directed by: Tansu Kervan

By Lyman Frank Baum

Cast: Sonay Bus, Deniz Dadale, Tuncay Laloş, Aleda Kazaz, Hafsa Zhurli, Henna Toska, Elis Kosova, Arsim Kepa, Sumeya Dadihak

Artistic team: Honore Sibou, Sally Lallouche, Fatih Keba, Ela Mercan, Eskrin Balpasha, Esra Etic

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