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Balkans |  There are 3 Turks among the owners of “Mkart”.

Within the scope of the “Makart” project implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia for loyal Macedonian citizens abroad, “Makarts” were delivered to three Macedonian citizens in Turkey.

Macedonian citizens at the Turkish embassy in Ankara Prof. Dr. Doctor. Pars Salts, d. Hulya Abdallah Shafiq and Sumer Sabahi were handed their “Makaart”, which provides convenience for entering and leaving the country and encourages them to go to and from the country.

the professor. Doctor. Melhat Pars was born in 1969. He is currently working as the Head of the Department of Macedonian Language and Literature in the Department of Slavic Languages ​​and Literatures at Ankara University, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography. His field of study is Turkish Antiquities in Balkan Literatures and Languages. He has two books published by the Turkish Ministry of Culture in this field. These are “Antiquities of the Turks and Turks in the Macedonian Drama” and “Antiquities of the Turks and Turks in the Macedonian and Serbian Novels”.

Doctor. Hulya Abdullah Shafik was born in the city of Ohrid in 1988. At a young age, he received the title of Doctor of Academic Sciences in the field of management and organization. Helia Abdullah, who previously held several senior positions during her working life, is currently working as an advisor to the Minister in the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey.

Born in Gostivar in 1987, Somer Sipahi graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Theology. He works as an advisor to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Served as Imam in 2014-215 Gostivar District Mosque, 2016-2018 Eyüpsultan Mayor Advisor.

The Makart was designed for individuals of North Macedonian descent as a symbolic acknowledgment of their selfless commitment to advance the country beyond its borders.

The aim of the project in question is for these individuals to become part of a broader network that is more deeply involved in the country’s social flows. The entire process related to MKart is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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