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Balkans |  TİKA support for the development of beekeeping in North Macedonia

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) launched the “Beekeeping Development Project” in order to contribute to the development of beekeeping in North Macedonia.

TIKA has provided modern beehives, working materials for beekeeping and honey production, and training support to a total of 30 beekeeping families in Koprulu, Kirchova-Plasnica, Kumanova and Lepkova regions of the country.

The coordinator of TIKA Skopje, Halim Omer Sogut, said in a statement to the press on this subject that, like TIKA, they are implementing projects in the field of development in friendly North Macedonia.

Noting that they, as TIKA, have developed projects and activities in many fields in many sectors such as education, health, social and cultural cooperation, development of administrative and civil infrastructures, development of agriculture and animal husbandry in North Macedonia: projects that touch the lives of our farmers, especially those who live in Rural areas of envy, sustainable development goal is of particular importance.” He said.

Referring to the implementation of agricultural projects in different regions of North Macedonia, from east to west, and from north to south of the country, Sogut said, “To talk briefly about these, we can say that the beekeeping development project is one of the first agricultural projects that we have achieved in North Macedonia Within the scope of the beekeeping development project, trainings, beehives, bee families, basic beekeeping equipment, clothing grants are mainly carried out. Use his statements.

Sharing technical information about the project, Sogut said: “We have provided a total of 300 beehives, 10 of which are from 30 farmers, especially from villages such as Koprulu district, Melnica district, Orizary, Kumanova – Lipkova district and other regions. Of course, the son’s family was provided for them. also after long-term studies, and they were handed over with their clothes and all their equipment.” He said.

Noting that among them are those who started beekeeping for the first time and entered the field for the first time, Sogut noted, “There are also those who are involved in beekeeping in a sense as a family business. In fact, the aim of the project is to bring these farmers together and share their mutual experiences with each other. So that they can produce more, contribute to sustainable development, contribute to family income, and thus have access to a broader range of products.” He made her assessment.

Expressing his thanks to the farmers who contributed to the project in question and to the experts who were with them at all times and gave them training in every sense, Sogut said, “I hope our project will be useful, and more different projects will be realized and more contributions will be made to our friends, brothers and relatives in North Macedonia. Development cooperation projects continue. ” He said.


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