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Balkans |  TIKA’s support to fruit producers in Kosovo

With the support of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) within the scope of “Supporting the Rural Development Investment Program”, the Goji Beri Grape Fruit Producers Association Support Project was opened.

The opening ceremony was held at the gathering place of Goji Berry and Grape Fruit Producers Association in Dobrotyn village of Gracanica municipality, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Kosovo for Minorities Emilja Redcepi, Minister of Regional Development of Kosovo Vikrim Damca, Ambassador of Turkey to Pristina Tunce Angeli and President of TIKA. assistant dr. Mahmud Cevik, TIKA Kosovo Coordinator Cihan Dencer, Turkish Representative Committee Chairman Colonel Recay Yilmaz, Yunus Emre Kosovo Institute Coordinator Ramazan Yilmaz, and other guests were present.

Dusko Gudzic, who produces natural fruit juices with Goji Beri fruit in the Serbian village of Dobrotin, told the guests about the areas under cultivation of Goji Beri trees, which are little known but healthy in Kosovo, and expressed his gratitude to TIKA for supporting this. production.

Speaking after visiting goji berry farms, Deputy Prime Minister Emilia Redzepi said she is very happy that TIKA supports not only the people of Kosovo but also the Balkan countries with various projects. Pointing out that TIKA supports the production activities of the Gudzic family and also contributes to those who want to stay in Kosovo, Redzepi said that TIKA believes that people will benefit from these projects, which is beneficial to Kosovo.

Turkey’s ambassador to Pristina, Tunc Angeli, who stated that wherever they went to Kosovo during the three months they saw traces of TIKA, said: “As Turkey, we say we stand by Kosovo, TIKA shows this. We do this support in Kosovo without looking at any A family. There are Albanians, Serbs, Bosniaks, Turks, Iomans, Ashkalis and Egyptians in Kosovo. We communicate with all of them as much as we can. Because according to our understanding of civilization, people are at the center of everything.

In his speech, TİKA Vice President Mahmut Çevik reminded that they have been carrying out their activities in Kosovo for 19 years and stated that they support the development of Kosovo in the areas of health, economy, education, infrastructure and agriculture through projects. Pointing out that while implementing the projects, they carried out their activities at an equal distance from the internal dynamics of that country, the legislation of those countries and all the communities living in those countries, Cevik said that they carried out agricultural and food programs in the Balkans. countries.

After giving speeches, the units dedicated to fruit processing, packaging and storage within the scope of the project were visited.

In a statement to Kosovaport, the head of the Goji Beri Production Association Dushko Gudzic stated that he was very happy to support the project of drying and packing of medicinal and aromatic plants and grape berries supported by TIKA within the scope of the “Support for Rural Development Investments Program” and expressed his gratitude to TIKA.

The red, sweet-tasting goji berin has become popular in recent years for its health benefits, Goodzik said, and it also offers health benefits thanks to various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Sodium, calcium and iron are reported to have many benefits.


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