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Balkans |  TMBH aid truck is on its way to Hatay

The head of the Turkish National Unity Movement Erdogan Siraj announced that aid trucks filled according to the list of needs are on their way from Ankara to Hatay.

The head of TMBH, Erdoğan Siraj, published the following statements via his social media account:

“We are watching the earthquake zone every day, bursting into tears. May God not forgive our homeland, the light of our eyes, the Republic of Turkey. Once again I pray our Lord to have mercy on those who died, to make us happy with those who cannot be reached under the rubble, to heal the wounded quickly, and for the rescue teams to make us happy.

The Turkish National Unity Movement, which is the national reaction and conscience of the Macedonian Turks, has been working without interruption to provide all kinds of support since the first hour of the earthquake. We stand with Turkey. Just like an ant, when it gets dark, we feel the joy of a truck moving from Ankara to Hatay region by overcoming all bureaucratic obstacles. We are happy to complete our mission according to the list of needs we received from our friends in Hatay. Even just a little bit, our wound heals. I would also like to express my gratitude to all our friends from Hatay who contributed to this organization.”

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