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Balkans |  TMBH campaign “Let us also have a home in Hatay”

The Turkish National Unity Movement (TMBH) launched the “Let us have a home in Hatay too” campaign to heal the wounds of Hatay, one of Turkey’s worst-affected provinces.

The following statements were made in the statement made by TMBH on the matter:

“Turkish National Unity Movement, which is the national reaction and conscience of the Macedonian Turks, we announce to all our members, sympathizers, compatriots and compatriots that we have launched a second campaign on the catastrophe of the century. As we said before, the time has come for healing. It is impossible for us to forget our pain. We consider it our duty To join hands with the state, nation, and geography of our hearts, and to make sure that the victims of this disaster stand on their feet as soon as possible.

We must show with tangible solidarity that we stand by our homeland, the light of our eyes, the Turkish Republic, just like an ant when it gets dark. Since we cannot bring back those who have died, we must revive their memories and the memories left of them. During the disaster of this century, almost all citizens of Macedonia showed great solidarity and stood by Turkey. We cannot thank you enough, because besides all the help, spiritual help was very important.

We understand that every family pays their budget. Since we still believe that there is enough strength and desire for solidarity within us, we are announcing our monetary (cash) campaign “Let it be a home for us in Hatay” for all benefactors as of today. For this reason, our premises will be open every day between 09:00 – 17:00 and 20:00 – 22:00. All our branches have been informed of this issue and our contact managers have been identified according to the regions.

At the end of our campaign, we will hand over the collected amount to the relevant authorities in Turkey, and we will announce our demand to carry out the procedure in the Hatay region.

We are with Turkey. May God help us and get half.”

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