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Balkans |  TMBH Chairman Seraj demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Spasovsky

The head of the Turkish National Unity Movement, Erdogan Siraj, held a press conference on the application of the Macedonian citizenship law to citizens who immigrated to Turkey and the constitutional amendment required for the European Union negotiations.


The President of the Turkish National Unity Movement (TMBH) Erdogan Siraj, with Secretary General Kunit Rushid, held a press conference today in the capital, Skopje, regarding the application of the Macedonian Citizenship Law for citizens who immigrated to Turkey and the required constitutional amendment. for EU negotiations.

TMBH President Erdoğan Sarraj criticized Interior Minister Oliver Spasovsky’s remarks that “Oliver Spasovsky held meetings with Macedonian associations” during his visit to Turkey in May 2022 and the absence of any Turks.

Calling on Spasovsky not to abuse Turkey’s rare hospitality and not to meddle in internal affairs, he said: “If the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Spasovsky, does not keep his word as the responsible manager and does not keep the promises he made to our immigrants, we want him to resign.” He said.

TMBH Board Chairman Siraj made the following statements at the press conference:

As it will be mentioned, the supplements and amendments to the Macedonian Citizenship Law were accepted by the Macedonian Assembly in March 2022 and published in Official Gazette No. 67/22. As you know, this amendment of the law came on the agenda at the request of the Albanian opposition parties and the keenness of the government partners to pass this law to prolong their peace and life. With the changes made to this law, the famous eight articles have also changed and opened the legal way for our compatriots who immigrated from Macedonia to become Macedonian citizens again. Since this law was generally introduced for Albanians living within the borders of the former Yugoslavia, it was greeted with great interest and pleasure among our compatriots who migrated from Macedonia to Turkey. Our citizens who immigrated to Turkey with the entry into force of these law amendments prepared the necessary documents for application in accordance with the law and applied them to the competent authorities. Our compatriots in Turkey have spent a great deal of time and financial resources, leaving the money to lawyers, notaries, consultants, translators, civil registry offices and related authorities. In other words, it has provided financial opportunities to relevant enterprises, organizations and legal entities.

As we will remember, the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Oliver Spasovsky, visited Manisa in May 2022 to make some contacts. He also held meetings with associations of Macedonian immigrants.

Here, I am in a position to correct the definition that I consciously and purposefully made by the media and the media close to the Macedonian government. In other words, it is said that “Oliver Spasovsky held talks with the Macedonian federations”. Let me be clear to everyone: There are no Macedonian associations in Turkey, and there are associations of our compatriots who immigrated from Macedonia in Turkey, and they are registered and functioning as the “Macedonian Migrants Association.” Such associations exist in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Kutahya, Manisa and other places.

Mr. The absence of any Turks in Oliver Spasovsky’s delegation clearly reveals the purpose and insincerity of the visit. I do not find it appropriate to comment on this in depth at this time, but on an appropriate day this topic will also be mentioned. In his speech during his meeting with the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the Honorable Minister of Interior said: “I am glad to be with our compatriots in Manisa… Our visit this year coincided with the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Macedonian Migrant Association.”

Minister, I would like to remind you, do not abuse the rare Turkish hospitality and do not meddle in internal affairs. I would like to remind you in bold: these immigrants stated that they were Turks when they immigrated from Macedonia and submitted documents and the Republic of Turkey accepted the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey because they are Turks. Legally, the case is settled here. As you address them as citizens, it is imperative that you ask them why in your mind the system has allowed them to renounce their citizenship. Hope we can talk about that again.

According to the information we got from our Macedonian immigrants when they met with them. I was promised citizenship and encouraged applications. You mentioned that you will speed up the process of accepting Macedonian citizenship as soon as possible. It’s been about a year since you visited. The associations of Macedonian immigrants, our immigrant relatives, our relatives and other relatives doubt your sincerity and therefore ask:

1. How many (number) applications have been submitted by our compatriots who immigrated from Macedonia to Turkey?

2. How many people have obtained Macedonian citizenship from the applicants so far,

3. Provide the names and surnames of our naturalized people and

4. How long will it take to evaluate applications submitted to the Ankara Embassy, ​​the Consulate General in Istanbul and the Home Affairs Units?

The information we received from the Macedonian Consulate General in Istanbul confirms that there is great interest in this topic among our immigrant compatriots. It is noteworthy that the dates for full citizenship applications are until the end of 2023.

We hold this press conference at the request of our relatives, relatives, friends and immigrant associations. This situation also interests us closely. Therefore, as the Turkish National Unity Movement, as the national reaction and conscience of the Macedonian Turks, we demand that the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Oliver Spasovsky, as a responsible director, respect the Citizenship Law without discrimination, and abide by it. Promise and promptly terminate justified requests on the basis of law in favor of our immigrant relatives. These immigrants never harmed the interests of the Macedonian state, on the contrary, they defended the honor, dignity and territorial integrity of the Republic of Macedonia and expressed it everywhere. When we think about the circumstances under which they immigrated, the state must right this wrong and accept these people as Macedonian citizens again, as an example of sincerity.

If the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Spasovsky, does not keep his word as a responsible manager and does not keep the promises he made to the immigrants, we demand his resignation.

Regarding the second issue on the agenda, we have already expressed our position on the issue of changing the constitution due to Bulgarian pressure. Today, we would like to draw the public’s attention to repeating the same.

We stress that we, as the national reaction and the conscience of the Macedonian Turks, are deeply concerned about the pressure that the international community has exerted on Macedonia in the recent period, and that these pressures have no realistic side. Under these conditions, changing the constitution would mean supporting Bulgaria and hindering Macedonia. These problems between countries should only be resolved on the basis of reciprocity. If Bulgaria wants to include the Bulgarians living in Macedonia in the constitution, the Bulgarian constitution must include the Macedonians living in Bulgaria according to the principle of reciprocity. International law and the solution to such problems must be imposed on this principle. TNU does not have deputies in the Macedonian Assembly (although it should have until today), if it did, it would not necessarily vote to change the constitution. We will even raise the requirement to include Turks in Bulgaria in the Bulgarian constitution as an additional requirement. Under these circumstances, it will be possible for us to vote in the affirmative. Bulgaria wants to guarantee the rights and freedoms of its relatives, but it restricts the internationally guaranteed rights and freedoms of non-Bulgarian citizens in its country. These days, in line with the solution to this problem, the model has been proposed in the Croatian Constitution as a solution by the government, and today by the largest opposition party. We, the Macedonian Turks, are the founding, loyal and constructive element of the Republic of Macedonia. That is why we do not accept the situation guided by the constitution again, and we are against this change. With this proposal, the opposition is putting pressure on the government completely and preparing to end the government. Of course, the Albanian sector will never accept such a solution. We will reassess when a formal proposal for a constitutional amendment comes in.

The unprincipled pressures exerted by the international community once again demonstrate the hypocrisy of the European Union and its violation of the principles it set. Therefore, the European Union and the international community cannot be trusted without a tangible guarantee. So far, high-level EU executives have not kept any of their promises, and they have been erased from the scene and forgotten.

On the other hand, the parliament and the government that did not have the approval of the people for such constitutional amendments are illegitimate and have no right to make such change against the nation. Only Parliament which takes its legitimacy from the electorate in early elections can do what is necessary, otherwise such a situation would have no legal basis. If this process takes place imposingly, with Ali Cengiz’s games, it will not be useful to talk about law and the rule of law. Constitutional amendment, like Greek pressure, means taking the law to the grave. There is no tolerance for new betrayals and flattery. It is necessary to appeal to the will of the people. Thank you for listening to me patiently.”

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