Balkans | Trabzonspor coach Nenad Bilica: We will end the camp period with two friendly matches.

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Balkans |  Trabzonspor coach Nenad Bilica: We will end the camp period with two friendly matches.

Trabzonspor coach Nenad Bilica said that they will end the camp period with two friendlies.

Answering questions from reporters at the hotel in Kranj, Slovenia, where the team was camping, Bilica said they were sorry that Mislav Orsic was injured.

Bilica said that he has known Orsic for about 6 years and he was not injured during this time, “Unfortunately, he had the misfortune to train. Football is like this game. Injuries are in this business and they can happen. At the same time, I would like to say something about our player Hakan Yesil, who is in this position, we supported him, no one intervenes to injure a teammate or opponent. He said.

Bilica stated that he did not know how the camps were held in Trabzonspor in previous seasons, but he trained the teams he previously worked with at a slightly higher pace.

“I can say that we are working under excellent conditions”

Belica confirmed that the players’ reactions to the camp were good, and made the following assessment:

“Our young players aged 17 to 18 are with us. The pace of all of them trained and their responses to us were very good. Almost no one was with us without missing a single training. Therefore, we had the opportunity to spend a great period in the camp. We will finish the camp period with two friendlies. After that, we will have completed our camp period here. In general, I can say that we are working in excellent conditions. The training sessions with the participation of the vast majority of our players and their reactions to us were very good. Therefore. , I would like to express that I am very happy.”

Expressing that they had started working with another football player after Orsic’s injury, Bilica said, “We started our work after we got the news of the injury last night. Of course, he won’t be with us for a while, but we immediately started working on an actor who could replace him.” He said.

Recalling that Trezeguet, who plays in the same position as Ursic, will not be able to play in the team for a while due to his participation in the African Cup, Bilica said: “We are looking for a player who can replace both Ursic and Trezeguet and fill the gap. We are thinking of recruiting a player there.” Use his statements.

Bilica said he had explained the game’s system as 4-3-3 before, “Actually, you could describe it as 4-1-4-1. You can think of it as one defensive midfielder, two attacking midfielders to play in front of, two wingers and a striker.” He said.

Creating a competitive environment is important to us.

The Croatian coach indicated that the transfer will be shaped according to the status of the players who will leave:

“When you look at it now, we’re looking for a striker. With Orsic injured, of course, he won’t be with us for a while, but we immediately started working on a player who can replace him. Again, you could describe him as a No. 8 who can play in midfield, in two penalty areas, I would say we’re looking for that kind of player. Depending on the condition and how many players leave, we might look again. I’m satisfied with the coaching performance of all my players. Because they all start out with a passion for coaching. Among them, I can Count our young players, and I can count the players who weren’t with us because they were in a different team on loan last year. All the players who just joined the team and were in the team last year did amazing. They all know they can play when they perform well. It’s important for us to create a competitive environment between the players. We’ve created more competition with the players we’ll add, maybe 2-3 players who will join us, and I think we’ll use this for the benefit of the team.”

Expressing that they will play the first match with Antalyaspor in front of their fans in the Super League, Bilica said, “We will play our first match in front of our fans. I hope we will have the opportunity to present the victory to our fans in the first match in front of packed stands. We have the Galatasaray match in the second week, but the most important match for us will be our next match. We try to look at it match by match.” He said.

– “(Siopis) I think the first offer was not accepted.”

Bjelica shared the following information about the recent situation of Siopis, who did not participate in training due to his injury:

“Siopes felt pain in his lower back before the first friendly match we played last week. He started acupuncture because of the pain he felt in his lower back. After that, he could not continue training because he continued to feel pain in his back after the 3-day rest period we offered the team. He is an important player for us. His contract expires at the end of the season and we made our offer to him. I think the first offer was not accepted. In the coming weeks, we will see together how the process will work and how the negotiations will continue.”

“I am very happy with all the players and what they have given us.”

Emphasizing that the team does not like to change players often, Bilica continued as follows:

“From a players point of view, I haven’t been someone who is in favor of changing too much in terms of number of players or players in general. When there is a lot of player trading, they can create situations that can create imbalances and problems within the team. Even when you look at last season you can see that 22 footballers are not with us now. That actually means a lot of player trading. If I were here again next year, I wouldn’t be someone who wanted a lot of change in terms of players, you wouldn’t see 15-20 players coming and going. I can say that I am satisfied with the performance of all our players.

Pelica stated that the constant change of players can force them to adapt, which is not an easy situation and there are many risks it can bring.

Bilica stated that there is a lot of news that is happening to the administration and that there are football players that he wants and does not want, and he said:

“I can say that I have never had such a talk. I am very happy with the performance of all my players and what they have given us. Of course, there may be players who will leave us. The reason for leaving is not because I am unhappy with them, but maybe because we have found better players. Certainly not because I am unhappy. People who spread this news may think that they are doing me a favor or doing the club, but it can cause discomfort to the players. After this news appears, the players may be able to spend the night without sleeping. They may think that I have such an idea. May a I had to convince myself that I didn’t say anything like that. Therefore, I would like to express that such news does not benefit me or Trabzonspor.”


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