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Balkans |  Trakya University Hospital was introduced to Bulgaria and the Balkans

Trakja University Hospital (TU) is introduced to Bulgaria and the Balkans by BGNES, a Bulgarian news agency.

According to the written statement released by the university, TÜ Rector Prof. doctor. Erhan Tabakoğlu gave an interview to BGNES and gave detailed information about the university and university hospital.

Tabacoglu, whose views were included in the statement, stated that the university hospitals are an international health center that serves not only Edirne but the entire region.

Stating that they make an important contribution to health tourism every year with their expert staff and strong infrastructure, Tabacoğlu said, “We provide treatment services to our patients who come to our hospital. In 2022, 3,573 patients from the Balkans were treated in our hospital. We consider this The interest from BGNES, one of the leading news agencies in Bulgaria, to Trakea University as a result of the successful services provided by our hospital in the field of healthcare.Trakya University will continue to be the health center in the Balkans with its expert staff, technological equipment and innovative approach in the field of health.Our doors are open to all our patients from Bulgaria and countries The Balkans.” Use phrases.

Carpet court and sports facilities are opened

The carpet court and sports facilities built by Edirne Municipality were opened.

According to the written statement issued by the municipality, Mayor Recep Gürkan, in his speech at the opening of the facilities that entered service in İstasyon Mahallesi, said that they will add a facility to Karaağaç Mahallesi in a short time.

all your efforts. Emphasizing that it is for children, Gürkan emphasized, “Just as the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said in his saying, ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’, sports revive the mentality that young bodies have morals and education and a healthy mind can be found in a healthy body. That is why we do With these investments because we hope that our children will grow up with sports and not get involved in other harmful activities by being interested in sports. It was a beautiful and useful facility. I believe that all our children in our area will benefit from our sports facility in the Estacion neighborhood, led and organized by our sports club.”

The most beautiful balcony, garden and terrace competition

Applications for the “Most Beautiful Terrace, Garden and Terrace” competition have begun in Keshan.

According to the written statement issued by the municipality, the municipality of Kishan, in coordination with the Department of Climate Change and Zero Waste, organized a competition for the most beautiful balcony gardens and terraces in order to increase the green fabric in the region, to raise environmental awareness. And the love of citizens and encouragement of citizens’ interest in afforestation.

Citizens are expected to show great interest in competition with colorful balcony, garden and terrace arrangements.

Those wishing to participate in the competition are required to photograph their balcony, garden or terrace photos, at least 3 times, from as many different angles as possible and share them on Instagram using the hashtag “kesanbelediyesi”.

The deadline for entering the competition was announced on Wednesday, May 31.

In the competition, the winner will receive a full board vacation for two nights, the second will be dinner, the third will be breakfast, and 3 flower pots will be presented to everyone who participates in the competition in the greenhouses of the Kishan municipality. and State Theater tickets.


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